Intentions & Vision of Native Nude

Native Nude Founder, Shani Hutton

Welcome! I’m Shani Hutton, the Founder of Native Nude, and I'm so excited to share my intentions and vision with you. This powerful vision blossomed from my personal journey, which ultimately guided me to studies and deep passion for all that Native Nude embodies. I’ve been traveling around the world for the last few years. This took me on a huge journey of self-discovery and led me to the darkest and lightest sense of self. Amongst that, I watched, listened and learned from people from all walks of life. Strong messages and powerful guidance channelled through me on this journey. 
“There is too much talk therapy in the world; we need more embodiment. The power is within; it’s in our sexual energy, our primal life force energy, which society has lured us to disconnect from because that is where each being’s true power lies. This is your gift”. 
This powerful message that I was so grateful to receive led me to intense research, self work, mentors and coaches, retreats and studies with powerful leaders in the field. I feel called to share just some of the inspiration that fuels me and what I am passionate to bring to the world.
Our Sex Education is far from liberating and mainly fear based. It’s hardly ever that we’re taught about the pleasure, beauty and healing in sex or the greater scope of intimacy. Rather what is instilled in us is the fear of unwanted pregnancy, stigmatized STDs, judgement of abortions, abuse, adultery, etc. 
“If you want to control someone, control their sexuality”. Beliefs are instilled in so many people around sex being dirty, wrong, temptation or ‘only for the one’. This forced abstinence teaching educates us that our sexuality is not ours to own. This is a breeding ground for guilt, shame, resentment, fear, disconnection and anger within. Perhaps without even knowing it, this has created a disempowered sexually traumatized society; for the mindset doesn’t just switch to one of freedom and empowerment once finally connected with the desired life long lover. These beliefs and emotions store deep in the mind and body and can show up in many different ways in each individual’s journey. This is not to say abstinence is wrong, it is when it is taught out of fear and force that is disempowering. Conscious celibacy is powerful and has supported my healing and liberation deeply.
The other spectrum is the porn industry. With sex being such a taboo topic to talk about, hardly even normalized and very little empowering accessible information; most people resort to porn to explore and educate themselves on this whole unspoken sex thing. This further disconnects us from empowered sexuality because porn is far from the sacredness of it all. Exaggerated pleasure expressed with very little felt. Unrealistic edited performances. Lack of connection between lovers. Body parts photoshopped or surgically altered leading to many body complexes worldwide. Perhaps this unrealistic and often addictive industry has contributed to the casual hook up culture and lack of connection amongst lovers.
Sexual trauma lives in most of us in one way or another. These disempowered teachings can often create a lack of resonance with our own sexuality and in turn a disconnection to our body and its wisdom. Through this disempowerment and confusion, sexual abuse is often silenced and sexual trauma often unidentified and it influences our life more than we may acknowledge. 
The intention, passion and purpose of Native Nude is to hold space and make way for sexual empowerment and education. Once we can honour this sacredness in ourself - we honour it in others, create healthy boundaries, make more empowering decisions, build conscious connections and ultimately we live a life that truly turns us on. Sexuality is more than just in the bedroom and it’s time we understand and honour its power. 
My personal journey will be one that I share over time. It hasn't been an easy one, it’s led me to lessons that were once excruciating and that I’m now truly grateful for as I’ve witnessed the awakening and liberation within myself. All of which I believe is to better serve this purpose. Through this work I have healed myself completely from disease, cleared major life trauma, love my body in all its totality and I’ve manifested wild abundance into my life and so much more! With my life force energy, I create the life I want to live - daily. 
I’m a forever student on this journey and my promise is to always be authentic and show up with love.
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