Penetration of the heart

Penetration of the heart. 

Where giving & receiving become one. 

When it comes to receiving pleasure, it’s not just about receiving in the physical sense. It’s allowing the expansion & penetration of the heart.  


In tantra, the penis is the positive polarity. This is how the male penetrates in pure devotion. The creation of safety, grounding & depth. In female bodies, it is her breasts that penetrate, deeply linked to her heart space. The penetration of surrender & receptivity. 

So in the female body, allowing penetration of the heart space is deeply energetic from a perspective of sexual depth & exchange. 


The energetic exchange getting deeper with every breath.

The emotional exchange getting deeper with every feeling rippling through the bodies.

The primal exchange getting deeper with every sound & expression.

The physical exchange getting deeper with every touch, sensation & movement.

The spiritual exchange getting deeper with every expansion, submission, domination. 

All this energy, looping in and out the bodies. 

Circulating, pulsating, sweating. 

Beyond the physical. 

Into a trance-like state. 


When you can receive penetration in the heart space, it becomes safe for your cervix to receive the presence of penetration, your voice then undeniably sounds, your entire body unwinds & then…. the ripple orgasms come, the ones that cannot be stopped or tamed. The ones that take over. The ones that nourish your body. The ones that can be felt by your partner. The ones that deepen connection. 


& the same goes for giving. How can you give in worship of devotion that you too are also receiving. 


When giving is receiving. 

When receiving is giving.

When the lines are blurred. 

When the bodies are one. 

Sex is transcendental.