Self-Pleasure in Partnership

Self-pleasure isn’t to be the strong independent being that doesn’t need anyone.

When it’s intentional, it’s to truly know, love & understand yourself. It’s one of the most vulnerable and raw holdings of your own. 

When it’s with reverence, it’s a ravishing and wild celebration of self. The capacity to give and receive your own primal ecstasy. 

When it’s nourishing, it’s a coming home to the safety of your deepest desires. Allowing them to unfold in all their glory as you melt even deeper into them.   

When it’s multidimensional, it’s the co-creator of your reality. It‘s the elevation of your life force energy where the veil lifts, abundance blooms & healing seems nothing other than absolutely possible.  

So that when shared in partnership, it’s orgasmic beyond the human understanding.

It’s bigger than comprehension. 

It’s the elevation of existence.  

This is available to all & it stems from your own allowing, your own safety & your own belonging.

When you hold and know your own, you allow yourself to be taken deeper by another. 

The deep penetration of presence. 

This is something that a partner should desire for you to feel - the love of your own home. 

Self-pleasure in partnership is important for the liberation of each individual, the empowerment of intimacy and the conscious exchange of orgasm beyond the physical form.

It’s about time we normalize it. 

When it comes to self-pleasure in partnership, I always recommend having a conversation with your partner if you are looking to explore this avenue of pleasure to expand sensation, awaken pleasure or heal trauma. Having the conversation allows your partner to really connect with the deeper desire and brings them on board too.

It allows them to be part of it and understand the liberation that it brings the partnership. A turned on being wants more turn on - so activating pleasure doesn't limit pleasure shared in partnership, it enhances it. For years, partners have been pressured to perform, to pleasure, to finish and this allows them to find comfort that it is not because they are not good enough but because you want to empower the connection to your own pleasure. Which truly also, empower them.