Tea talk with Sherise Strang

Sherise Strang is a professional dancer, choreographer, healer and coach. She works with movement and shamanic medicine. Dance is her way of expressing herself and through dance she found the path of healing and energy healing. Now she combines it all and co-founded Movement.Medicine together with her sister to support and guide people in feeling free in their bodies, mind and soul.

Get cosy & lets chat with Sherise..

What does pleasure mean to you?

Pleasure to me is all that makes me move. The feeling of being alive fully, being fully present with all that is. It is allowing myself to enjoy myself, my body, my partner, intimacy and feeling free in all of it. But also applying it in daily life and letting my creativity flow so I can feel free and wild. 

What inspired you to dive deeper into connecting with your pleasure? 

A curiosity to explore the possibilities. To experience living a turned on life. To feel the power within myself and to let everything flow. I think I was in search of feeling more fulfilled within. Understanding all the parts of me. My insecurities, strengths, my body, my pleasure itself and a deep sense of wanting to feel free. But also a longing to feel and see my trauma’s and triggers and release them with love through pleasure. 

How has connecting to your pleasure influenced your life? 

It was so transformative. It is snowballing in all other areas of my life. Because of allowing pleasure and my whole self really to be there, magic happened. I feel a deeper trust within - I trust myself. I feel safe, I feel grounded. I understand and listen to my body even more and I feel free as I never felt before. I feel like pleasure allowed me to explore and play without shame.  This actually positively changed my relationship towards self. My romantic relationship. But also in ’not pleasure related areas’ such as my business, health, wealth and happiness.

Is there a stand-out that has significantly reclaimed & empowered your pleasure?

Trust your body! I already knew and experienced this. But allowing myself to experience this connected to pleasure really opened up a lot. Your body knows best and it will tell you what it likes, dislikes, needs, longs for etc etc. Dare to listen! 

What are your pleasure go-to's & must have's

Pleasure wands! I would advice investing in different types so you can really allow yourself to explore and experience what you like. And creating a nice environment is key’ oils, scents and music etc. Giving yourself the full presence or giving yourself and your partner your full presence. 

What are your favourite pleasure practices?

Oef hard one.. I dont think I have a favorite practice, but for (and I think for everyone) it is really about listening to my body, mind and soul and check in how I feel and what I need in that moment. Do I just want to experience pleasure? Do I want to release something ? Are there some emotions stuck? How can I benefit from my practice in that particular moment. Without overthinking it but just letting the flow and my wisdom guide me. 

When you feel disconnected or "out" of your pleasure - what are some ways that support you in coming back to it?

Nature! Nature is so healing and spending time in nature helps me to reconnect with myself and thus in a way also with my pleasure. 

If you could normalize one thing around sex, pleasure & intimacy - what would it be?

Talking about it! I feel there is still such a taboo worldwide around talking about sex, pleasure and intimacy. I feel I have an amazing group of friends and community where it feels super normal to share and talk about it. But there is still so much taboo around it.. it is so human and such a big part of life, lets celebrate it. Instead of shaming and judging each other. 
Any brief words of inspiration & influence that you'd love to share with our web of women around sex, pleasure & intimacy?
Never allow anyone to tell you that what you do, feel, experience or like is not normal! Embrace it all and enjoy it all. Be clear, communicate and set your boundaries. It is such a dance between your mind, body and soul and stay connected with all 3 of them. You know deep down what feels good for you. Go there, and enjoy it! 
You can learn more about Tatjana over on her instagram: @ sherisestrang & @movement.medicine_