Squirting - The Body in Reverent Expression


How do I learn to squirt? One of the most asked questions we receive.

The shortened answer is always -

Slow pleasure. 

The longer version is - 

Pussy vs Porn

The pussy is sensitive - deeply sensitive. She loves slow, lush, long stroking sensation. She loves it when the body is swirling in turn on & the heart wide open. This is often when the body is longing for more. 

On the other spectrum, porn teaches the pounding, rough when the body isn’t ready for rough, fast fu$king with very little emotional or energetic connection. You can’t really tell if it’s a moan of forced pleasure or pain. It is all very much localised in the sex centres and this constricts the natural pleasure expressed throughout the body. 

Squirting comes about from stimulating the g-spot. The slow, deep, come-hither stroke. The g-spot loves a little firmness but not pressurized roughness. It delights in constant motion & slow firm sensation over a good ol rough pound. This could be why you have the sensation & then lose it - often when the slowness feels good, the speed up happens to finish off. Staying in the slowness with firmness, is often when the body surrenders and ejaculates. Staying in the body is supportive, once you tap into the mind, too much effort takes over & it’s lost. 

Most messages go somewhat like this - “It happened when I stopped trying or “I wasn’t expecting that” or “Wow I’ve never experienced that, I thought I wet the bed.”

It can come about in a different way than you may expect from things you’ve watched or heard of. Allow yourself to discover the desire of your own body. It’s not always fountain-like spraying across the room. It can be a very inward gentle release.

You will know. 

The release is deeply felt. 

& available to all. 

It may be beneficial to you to look at your relationship to squirting? 

There is taboo that it is shameful. 

That it only happens in porn.

That it is some kind of performance trick. 

That it is something to be achieved. 

That it is impossible. 

What does it bring up for you? A deep desire or possibly even force to experience it? Or do you feel repulsed by it? Are you ashamed of it? 

I believe that it can be a gift of the greatest devotion of pleasure. It often only happens when in full surrender to ecstasy - if one steps out the body & into the mind, or out of flow & into force - the sensation, build up & energy can be lost. 

Squirting or ejaculation often holds deep release, transformation, connection & surrender. It is reverent. 

It is the body in expression. 

When in relationship with your body, your own ejaculation is possibly one of your greatest gifts. Certainly one of your greatest teachers. 

A reminder that all bodies are designed differently. When it comes to the body, there are many influences. Some can experience this really easy without devotion, some may not relate to this & for some it may bring up other things. If you take anything from this, let it be the importance of your connection to your pleasure. This is perception rather than the rule & as much as an Instagram post allows. 

Nothing needs to be achieved in pleasure. There is no right or wrong but rather the encouragement for a mind & body willing to expand & explore. 


The best wands for exploring squirting are the Tide & Nectar