Surrender to Slow Pleasure

The feminine longs to be taken & in the same desire, she has been taught not to surrender. 

It’s a fantasy of many because it requires deep surrender to be out of control, ravished in pleasure and in full primal expression. 

Oh how the feminine longs for this. 

The want to be ecstasy expressed. 

The need to have it all together. 

And then - the capacity to choose. 

Slow sensation builds up pleasure, 

builds up energy, 

builds up turn on, 

until the only option, 

is to drop deep into surrender,

& be fully taken by yourself or a partner. 


Slow pleasure enhances embodied surrender.

You can’t fake it.

There are no quick fixes. 

It takes real courage, to allow your pleasure to unfold naturally. To open. To be ready. 

Practices to surrender more into yourself, your partner & your pleasure. 

Allow yourself to express unapologetically in your pleasure. Move, sound, breathe in any way your body feels called.

Sound loud & softly without force. Play with sound. Opening up the throat, opens up the womb. This divine connection amplifies the pleasure you allow yourself to feel.

Tap into your primal nature by activating your senses. Let smell, touch, taste, sight & sound turn you on. Make it fun. 

Embody your expression. Be present with every sensation felt. Focus on it, amplify it, nurture it & be with it. 

Practice yoni and penis massage. Be slow, gentle and present. Follow pleasure, not orgasm. Pleasure wands allow you to warm up the body and massage every inch of the yoni slowly. This is powerful for releasing tension, building connection and awakening & strengthening pleasure. 

Move your sexual energy around your body. Some guidance on this - you can move it through breath or visualization - feel it moving from your root chakra to your crown or from the base of your spine up & above your head if that resonates more. Allow your breath, movement & sound to support you. 

Allow yourself to take yourself. Be your own force of nature. 

Sync your life force energy to your breath & it will take you deeper & deeper into surrender. If you are with a partner, sync your breath and allow it to deepen the energy exchanged. 

Surrender to slow pleasure.