Tea talk with Tatjana Lucia

Our path merged with Tatjana in the online space & we've since collaborated & connected more & more. Tatjana teaches and coaches in the realms of sacred sexuality, intimacy and relationships. Through interweaving tantra, sound healing, hypnotherapy, embodied movement and mindfulness, she aims to create a container of exploration to free yourself from anything that is hindering you from fully blossoming in this world.

Grab a cuppa & let's chat with Tatjana...

What does pleasure mean to you?

Pleasure is feeling. It is loving. It is presence. It is coming home to yourself, your body, your heart. It is living in alignment and integrity with your deepest desires. It is seeing the beauty in simplicity. Feeling the spray of the Atlantic on my bare skin. The smell of earth and rain. Dancing naked in my garden at dawn. It is tenderly caressing my skin. It is having late night conversations about love and heartbreak and sex and the meaning of life, and how insignificant we are in the cosmos. It is long, soft, kisses, filled with anticipation and nostalgia all at once. A long hug. An “I love you”. It is those moments of deep sadness, mourning the relationships, the moments that have come and gone. Realising that nothing will ever be constant. It is seeing the sun rise over the crisp silhouettes of far away mountains, and the smell of freshly baked bread. Hearing someones heartbeat. It is falling in love. It is piecing together the fragments of your heart, and rebuilding yourself every single day. To feel pleasure, is to truly live. Wholly and deeply. Each day. 

What inspired you to dive deeper into connecting with your pleasure?

For a long time I was deeply disconnected from my body and my ability to feel pleasure. I had disassociated from my body, as a result of sexual trauma I had experienced at a young age. I had never learnt to feel safe in my body after that. It felt safer to not feel, because feeling meant facing the depths of my trauma. And I managed to run from this for a long time. I numbed myself until I no longer could. Until the only way forward was to face my inner world. To come back to my body. To feel. To grief. To let go. 

How has connecting to your pleasure influenced your life? 

It has allowed me to come home to my body. To come home to feeling. To explore the intricate landscape of my emotional world. It has allowed me to feel more at home in my body. To be more authentic in my relationships. To show up in my business in a more empowered way. To really embody my worth, and express my desires. Coming home to pleasure has allowed me to meet the most authentic version of myself, and fall in love with her a little more each day. 


Is there a stand-out that has significantly reclaimed & empowered your pleasure?

Connecting to my feminine essence, and integrating daily sensuality practices into my life played a huge role in reconnecting to these parts of myself. Alongside this, I worked intensively with hypnotherapy to work through the residual trauma resulting from my sexual abuse. Through integrating these tools, I am now able to guide women on their journey of reconnecting to their divine feminine, their sensuality and their pleasure. I feel so grateful to work with women from all over the world, and share these tools and practices in one-one settings, my online courses and my retreats. It is such a gift to watch women reclaim their pleasure and their power. 
What are your pleasure go-to's & must have's? 
A beautiful crystal pleasure wand. 
A yummy playlist.
Rose infused massage oil. 
My favourite lacy lingerie. 
Slowness, presence, breath. Moments spent dropping into my heart. 

When you feel disconnected or "out" of your pleasure - what are some ways that support you in coming back to it?

Dancing in my kitchen while I drink my morning cup of tea. Sitting naked in the afternoon sun. Making love to myself, and my partner. Slowing down. Taking time in my day to check in with my body, my heart, my mind. Connecting to the beauty of simplicity, finding pleasure and beauty in every day moments. Deep belly breaths. 

If you could normalize one thing around sex, pleasure & intimacy - what would it be?

That sex is so much more than physical penetration. I often say to clients that sex starts way before you even touch. It starts the moment we meet. It starts with the first words that are spoken. The exchange of energy between two beings. Our bodies and minds keep a score of all our interactions, so every word, every gesture, every exchange, will be a part of the beautiful dance that leads up to physical intimacy. So move slow. Soak up the richness of connection. Treat each interaction as sacred, soulful. Stop rushing. Savour the sensuality of being, together. Soak up the deliciousness of your partners presence. Without pressure, without expectation. Simply allow the connection to unfold. To blossom. 

Any brief words of inspiration & influence that you'd love to share around sex, pleasure & intimacy?

Coming home to pleasure has taught me to feel everything. To love achingly. To give from the heart. And to let go. Over and over again. And that is a beautiful way to live. So feel everything. Love achingly. Give from the heart. And let go. Over and over again. 
You can learn more about Tatjana over on her instagram: @tatajana__lucia