The Luxx Collection

Introducing the new Luxx Collection,

inspired to reclaim, relax and renew.

A deeper surrender to slow pleasure. 

A greater reclamation. 

A luxurious collection of wands made from medical grade borosilicate glass. Each wand is annealed through a heat treatment process ensuring the most durable, sturdy and perfectly smooth glass to withstand different pressures and temperatures for hours of exploration and pleasure. All our glass wands are natural, non-toxic, non-porous and safe to use with any lubricant. 

The collection was birthed with the intention to:

Empower connection to the cervix, 

The Nova Wand curved shape follows the natural flow of the vagina and the bulbous end gently awakens and strengthens relationship to the cervix, creating deeper connection to pleasure and power. The ribbed end allows for a different feeling of texture and playfulness creating new waves of sensation within the body. This wand supports healing & awakens your pleasure encouraging a deeper surrender of euphoric states. The Nova Wand is favoured for self and partnered yoni massage as the extra length and grip allows for easy handling and control as you guide a lover or self into orgasmic bliss through different rhythms, speeds and angles.  

Explore different erogenous zones,

Explore cervical awakening and healing through yoni massage, vaginal dearmouring and pleasure with the Nova Wand. It is designed with extra length and grip so that you can surrender deeper into orgasmic bliss. The Duo Wand is thoughtfully designed with two different ends for empowering G-Spot stimulation and anal pleasure. The Nectar Wand invites you to explore deeper internal orgasm and squirting. It is designed with the perfect curves, bumps & grooves to empower G-spot stimulation into orgasmic bliss. 


Expand mind-body sensations,

Through yoni massage, intentional self-pleasure and body exploration, you will build sensitivity, awaken sensation & strengthen womb wisdom. This is powerful for gently opening places of tension and clearing trauma and transmuting them to portals of pleasure. 

Enhance partner play.

The Luxx Collection deepens shared intimacy and creates new avenues of euphoria through partnered yoni massage, g-spot stimulation and anal pleasure. Let your imagination take the lead. From massage to pleasure, make sure to use lots of lube. Organic coconut oil is recommended as it is natural and safe to use internally and externally, allowing the whole body to feel sensational. Presence, communication and exploration amplifies and deepens shared experiences. 

Lifetime Luxury

Each wand is intentionally designed with curves, fullness and weight in all the right places to send waves of sensation throughout your body. With great care, your wand will last you a lifetime. Pleasure wands are life's finest luxury.

Warmth & Tenderness

The wand is perfectly smooth allowing you to glide with every sensation and explore hours of your erotic ecstasy with ease. Allow it to warm up with your entire body and the wand will naturally retain this warm temperature allowing for meaningful massage and pleasure. Glass allows for fun temperature play. Run the wand under cool or warm water for desired temperature. 

The Luxx Collection is designed for all bodies, whether you are new to exploring your pleasure or if you already have a strong connection to your sexuality. The Luxx Collection will meet you where you are at and take you even deeper.