The Power of Cervical Orgasm

Cervical full body orgasm - the one that creates all the curiosity in conversations.

Cultivating connection with the cervix is cultivating connection with your orgasm.

The cervix loves slow, sensitive & gentle firm stimulation. Staying with the slowness, is often when the body starts to ripple one wave of orgasm after the other. 

It can be quite silent but deeply energetically felt. Sometimes it is loud & roaring. This is the beauty of the cervix. It is primal, unpredictable and never pretends. 

Cervical orgasm is the epitome of surrender. The cervix demands reverence & when received - the full body orgasms become multiple, plentiful & expansive. The tip of yours toes to the outer body. 

When there is deep connection with the cervix - the number, the intensity, the length, the potency, the healing & the power of orgasm becomes limitless. 

The deeper connected you are to your cervix, the deeper & fuller the orgasm. The more connected you are, the more a partner can connect. 

The conversation of slow pleasure is not to create fear or the perception that the body never likes it fast & hard. The body loves getting ravished & it is deeply healing when longed for & ready on all levels. 

Whether you are solo or with a partner, check in with what feels good through communication or feeling the energy of the body/ bodies. 

Sex is primal, and when the bodies are in connection they will sync with each other and often follow and heighten what feels really good.

When it’s in force, without turn on, not ready or pretending to please a lover, it can cause a lot of numbness, disconnect & tension. The cervix then retracts, tightens and protects rather than receives & surrenders. 

The longevity of a luscious sexuality comes from listening to & nourishing the body. It is your body, your partners body, explore and enjoy what feels the most pleasurable to all. 

Slow down. Listen. Surrender. 

The favourite wands to explore the cervix are the Luna, Tide, Native & Nova. The Nova is best for cervical dearmouring which is gentle massage to awaken senses and sensation.