Emotional Empowerment

Emotional Empowerment

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What you'll receive in the Emotional Empowerment Course:

Introduction: Emotional Empowerment & Maturity

Presentation: The Three Components of Emotional Maturity 

Practices: Emotional Exploration Journal Prompts

Emotional Empowerment Guided BodyMind Practice

Emotional Connection Daily Practice

Emotional Empowerment Meditation


Working with and understanding our emotions is a game changer. The way we relate to our emotions influences every area of our life - especially our sex, love & relationships. Yet we're not taught how to hold them or it's often modelled to us to avoid emotions. Particularly the harder emotions - like guilt, shame, rage, judgement, sadness.

When we stop ourselves feeling these emotions, we hinder ourselves from experiencing the "feel good" emotions too. Where I find a really big edge of emotional empowerment lies, is discovering the capacity to experience the wisdom and freedom that suppressed emotions offer. This is how you start to grow in emotional maturity because you are able to hold yourself through the ebb and flow of them. This will forever be a constant in life - emotional change.

One can go to all lengths to avoid emotions - like over/under-eating, substances, scrolling socials, isolation / never alone, disrupted sleep / over-sleeping... a lot of that sorts itself out when we begin to face our emotions. In avoidance, self-sabotage, unspportive habits and often heavier / more emotions take their toll and the emotional spiral continues.

So in this course we're tapping into emotional awareness, processing, integrating & empowerment. You'll learn tools and techniques to expand your emotional capacity and well-being. We're gonna become emotional explorers and allow our emotions to be our greatest catalyst in life.

You'll receive instant access to the course.