Reprogramming Your Narrative Course

Reprogramming Your Narrative Course

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What you'll receive in the Reprogramming Your Narrative Course:

Introduction: Reprogramming your narrative

Presentation: Exploring your narrative

The Native Nude Reprogramming Process

Practices: Discovering your Narrative Journal Prompts

Trust & Safety Guided BodyMind Practice

Reprogramming your Brain Meditation


In this course you'll be exploring your current story around your sexuality. We'll discover the narrative you've been telling yourself to understand how it influences your life and then focus on integrating the impact this has on your experiences. This is a foundational step to embodying your life of pleasure.

We'll be discovering, exploring and creating your sexual narrative to totally revolutionize the way you experience sex, pleasure and intimacy. Through the practices and perspectives, we allow the nervous system to come into safety so that you can feel alive in your body and sexuality.

Over our years, we pick up stories that physiologically imprint within the body. When this happens, they are no longer just something we tell ourselves, thoughts or beliefs but they now influence our reality, experiences and body. So your sexual story is no longer yours but rather it has been taught what it "should" be.

This course creates a solid foundation in expanding your pleasure as it creates an ecology of exploring and creating the story you desire to feel about sexuality, orgasms, bodies, pleasure, intimacy etc.

While this is focused on reprogramming your sexual story - it can be applied to reprogramming any narrative that you hold. I've done this with many other things like redefining success, old money beliefs and patterns, not feeling good enough etc.

Moving from stories that are inherited to chosen stories.

You'll receive instant access to the course.