Self- Connection

Self- Connection

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Receive 4 recorded practices. 

Hips & Heart - softening & opening

Emotions - connection & acceptance

Reconnect to Self - grounding to your centre

Rest & Repair - creating safety in rest


Bonus: Emotional Empowerment Meditation 

Bonus: Body Nourishment Practice 


You'll receive instant access to the online portal.

Access to online portal for a minimum of 3 months


What it may inspire

more presence throughout day

increased sex drive

softening of the body

gentle trauma release

body nourishment

deep rest

hormonal balance

emotional release

mental grace

clearing stagnation

community connection


This is for you if you:

desire to connect more to your body, emotions & thoughts

crave feminine softening and gentleness

feel the need for self-nourishment and self-connection

processing emotions or experiences

long for inner peace & creative days

long for intimate desire


look forward to connecting with you, 

Shani XX