Coaching Package - 3 Month
Coaching Package - 3 Month
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Coaching Package - 3 Month

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Native Nude Coaching is designed to connect women deeper to themselves, their bodies and the fullness of their pleasure and power.

A 3 month journey of high level coaching sessions from a holistic and embodiment perspective. This is recommended if you're looking to work through a few topics or if you require more support throughout your process.

What's included?

10 x 75 minute sessions. Each session is professionally curated specifically to your needs and desires.

Weekly check in through voice note & message. 

Weekly embodiment practices.

Two weeks integration.


These 3 months are designed specifically for you to get the most out of it - based on your needs, boundaries & preferences.

Payment plans available on request. Reach out for details. 

Discovery calls are available for packages should you desire. 

Our coaching offers all the tools, practices and support in creating your life of pleasure. Where Native Nude coaching differs to anything you may have come across before, is that it works closely with embodiment, meaning that we work closely with the body and mind, encouraging the integration of unprocessed experiences and expanding your body's ability to receive all your desires. Essentially, you're creating the narrative of your life. This work is immensely powerful! 

Whether you are looking to connect or expand your connection with your sexuality, evolve your business or career, amplify your wealth, reignite passion in partnership, deepen your connection to self and others - it is all going to be through embodiment. 

If you want lasting change, you've got to go through the body. Shani focuses on a top-down (mind to body) and bottom-up (body to mind) to allow full integration of your nervous system. In sessions you can expect to work with the body - everything from trauma, tantra, somatic, womb, embodiment & energetic work. As well as the mind as the brain and body are often not aligned. Shani brings in a lot of neuroscience & neuroplasticity - understanding what is alive in your neural pathways - and then work to support creating new neural pathways that support what it is that you desire. 

Native Nude Coaching is incredibly powerful because it focuses on multidimensional aspects of self. All is welcome and no part of self gets left behind, from sexuality to childhood experiences. This is why so many people get so many results.

Shani has worked with plenty clients where they have experienced sexual awakening & thriving, reignited their marriage, called in partnership, conceived their soul baby, discovered aliveness in their body & life, overcome numbness & pain, started or saved their business, discovered their purpose, created streams of wealth…. The list goes on. The common thread - is that their once desire became their reality. All through their process, pleasure & power.

Coaching is our most in-depth and exclusive offer to work with Shani privately. Shani has a wealth of expertise and the processes and practices used will be based on your personal needs and desires. 

An integrated nervous system, body & mind is what creates a life of pleasure & freedom and it is yours for the taking. This work - works, if you work it!


Meet your coach & founder of Native Nude, Shani

Your ally in creating your life of turn on

Shani, is the founder of Native Nude. Her coaching expertise and techniques are derived from her studies in her Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching certification at the VITA™ Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality by Layla Martin. An integrated study of neuroscience, sexuality and tantra where she is currently specializing in Female Sexuality and Tantric Sex. Shani has also previously studied alongside other experts in the field in Womb Sciences, Sacred Sexuality, Embodiment and Energy. She is also trauma-informed through The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach (VITA™).

Shani also holds a BCOM Honours Business Degree - with Cum Laude achievement. She works closely with high-achieving women and business owners allowing pleasure, embodiment and energetics to accelerate success.

Beyond that, which she considers her most valuable gift to this space, is the depth and vastness of her life experiences that lead her to this journey to begin. She has studied, implemented and embodied this work to create her own life of freedom and it's her passion to streamline it for others.
Coaching sessions are available to everyone. While other Native Nude offerings will definitley support your journey, it's not required for the coaching sessions.
You can purchase this package & you will receive confirmation & scheduling details. If you prefer direct transfer you can confirm your package here.

Send any questions or book your discovery all here.