Guidance Call - Personalized Session

Guidance Call - Personalized Session

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When women and non-binary beings connect in loving presence - they heal! Many have been reaching out for guidance and so the the Guidance Calls were created as a space to share where all is welcome. The call will be centered around your own topics, needs and desires. Whether you are wanting guidance on selecting a pleasure wand, guidance on your journey with your wand or wanting to share your story or seek advice - you are held, heard and supported through it all. 

The common topics in the calls are:

  • overcoming shame and guilt,
  • disconnection and numbness,
  • healing through life force energy,
  • pain in the cervix,
  • desire for internal orgasm - how to find and engage the G-Spot, cervix and other erogenous zones,
  • fear / repulsion towards fully giving or receiving in partnership,
  • desire to connect deeper sexually with self and partner beyond physical connection,
  • blocks from religious / culture / teachings and projections in upbringing,
  • HPV and STI diagnosis's, 
  • abortion,
  • self-pleasure in partnership, 
  • heartache & integration/closing of relationships,
  • how to surrender and fully let go into the erotic side of self, 
  • guidance through trauma or past experiences, 
  • clearing conditioning and limiting beliefs,
  • recommendations on a pleasure wand,
  • sharing stories and experiences with the wand,
  • absolutely anything and everything in the mind, body and soul.

The list goes on - whatever you are wanting support on, you are not alone and it is fully available to you. 

All calls remain confidential. The session is 1 hour via Zoom with Shani, Founder of Native Nude.

The guidance is intuitive and based around my own experiences from my own healing. Over the years I have used different modalities and knowledge to unravel shame to connect deeper with my sexuality, I have processed and risen above unimaginable trauma, healed myself completely through multiple diagnoses, created insane abundance and financial freedom all through the power of life force energy. Nothing beats the experience I have gained through my own life path. Personal development, healing and living a life of abundance is my passion. 

Amongst that, I have studied Sacred Sexuality, Womb Sciences and Yoni Massage. I am currently studying with Layla Martin to be a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach and will incorporate her genius VITA (Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach) method that combines the successful teaching of modern neurobiology, modern coaching, holistic healing with the wise ancient teachings of Tantra, Taoism and Sacred Sexuality. 

If you feel called, I look forward to connecting. 

You can book the session online and then schedule a session with Native Nude or you can arrange the session and ask any questions before booking online. Whatever feels good for you. 

There is currently a waiting list for guidance calls. Please reach out to Native Nude via the contact tab, email or instagram @native_nude for more info. 

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