Luxx Set - Nova + Duo
Luxx Set - Nova + Duo
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Luxx Set - Nova + Duo

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This set is inspired to empower cervical awakening, strengthen connection to the G-Spot & enhance anal pleasure. 

The Nova is intentionally designed to cultivate and empower deeper connection with the cervix and womb wisdom. The recommended wand for self or partnered yoni massage, clearing pelvic tension and empowering internal pleasure and full body orgasm.

This wand is approximately sized at 26cm (10 inches) in length, bulbous end width of 3cm (1,2 inches) and thin end width of 2cm (1 inch). 

The Duo is thoughtfully designed with two different ends for empowering G-Spot stimulation and anal pleasure. The bulbous end is perfectly curved for G-Spot play and pleasure. The beaded end of the wand is designed to explore smooth and invigorating anal orgasmThe recommended wand for anal orgasm.

This wand is approximately sized at 17,5cm (7 inches) in length, wide end width of 3cm (1 inch) and thin end width of 2cm (0,5 inch).

Both wands are made from medical grade borosilicate glass. Each wand is annealed through a heat treatment process ensuring the most durable, sturdy and perfectly smooth glass to withstand different pressures and temperatures for hours of exploration and pleasure. All our glass wands are natural, non-toxic, non-porous and safe to use with any lubricant.

If you have had your cervix or womb removed, you still hold the energetic space and using Native Nude wands will be just as powerful for you. 

What’s included:

The Nova Native Nude Pleasure Wand™ 

The Duo Native Nude Pleasure Wand™ 

Eco-Friendly Handmade Protective Pouch.

Eco-Friendly Handmade Storage Box.

Eco-Friendly Care Guide

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Curious to read more?

The intentional designs of the Native Nude Pleasure Wands™ are known to unlock and empower the full expansion of the original essence of your pleasure and power. They encourage untamed self-expression as they invite you to reclaim and revolutionize your connection to your sexuality. Each wand is mindfully designed with curves, fullness, textures and weight in all the right places to send waves of subtle sensations and natural ecstasy throughout your body.

One of the greatest gifts of the Native Nude Pleasure Wands™ is the experience of surrender to slow pleasure. This invites more presence, intention and energy while opening up for deeper fuller orgasms. In addition to more sensational pleasure and sexual discovery, the wands are also used for yoni massage, full body massage and meditation. All of which can be performed solo or with a partner. 

The wands are non-vibrating, firm and warm up to body temperature within seconds. They retain their warmth which is powerful in awakening sexual tissues and muscles as well as clearing tension stored within the body. This is so important as it allows you to empower your pleasure while protecting the longevity of your sexual essence. 

Native Nude wands can be used with any lubricant. Organic coconut oil, make sure it is without sugar, is a favourite as it is natural and safe to use internally and externally, allowing the whole body to feel sensational through solo or partner play.

Every wand undergoes three strict quality checks before it is selected for you in ceremony. Native Nude Pleasure Wands™ are free from toxins, glue, artificial colouring and wax as well as completely free of toxic BPAs and phthalates. We aim to be as holistic, sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. All packaging is made from recycled or eco-friendly material. All wands are handcrafted making your wand a unique work of art. No two wands are exactly the same and this is what makes them so luxurious. 

If you resonate with metaphysical properties, glass represents transformation, merging of the elements and rebirth. The Nova Wand is a powerful companion to add to your intentional pleasure collection. 

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