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  • Revolutionary orgasms as Mother Earth intended
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  • Designed to evolve your sexual sensation
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  • Surrender to Slow Pleasure

  • Experience more pleasure and multiple orgasms

Native Nude Pleasure Wands™

Revolutionary orgasms as Mother Earth intended Shop

Authentic & Handcrafted

Designed to evolve your sexual sensation shop

Discreet Express Shipping Worldwide

Your privacy is our priority SHOP

Surrender to Slow Pleasure

Experience more pleasure and multiple orgasms shop


Native Nude is passionate about reclaiming and liberating your pleasure and power.

“Sexual energy has the power to create life & the power to heal and amplify it"

Empowering a life that truly turns you on.


All Native Nude Collections are designed to empower a conscious connection to your sexuality, allowing you to embody and experience more pleasure in the body and life.

All-natural products and eco-friendly packaging.

Express shipping on all orders worldwide.

All the glory without the guilt.



Native Nude Pleasure Wands™

Voices of the Collective

I received my nova wand down under in Australia. Incredible. I just had an orgasm that shook through my whole body it felt like strong waves of energy coming out from my cervix to my whole body. WOW!

Hannah, Australia

I'm learning so much with my partner right now and so grateful for Native Nude! You've probably saved my marriage (in the long run). Also saved me because I had such an emotional release after I experienced the first bit of pleasure consciously and in the moment.

Jen, South Africa

The black obsidian did things to her I've never seen a woman experience. As a man who's relatively new to pleasure wands it's been such a gift to witness the depth of her healing through accessing pleasure portals she never knew existed.

Patrick, South Africa

I’ve had a lot of fun with my wand and discovered my own desires more deeply. There’s something deeply healing for me about going into the “forbidden” sexual places, transmuting what is generally loaded with stigma with pure divine love."

Valerie, United States

You make it such a warm, fun and comfortable environment to make such a personal purchase. So thank you and I love it, so beautiful! Seriously has already shifted my relationship with my sexuality and body for the better!

Alice, Australia

It feels absolutely amazing... I'm just in awe of how great it is. I've never experienced anything like it. Thanks for the awakening. I needed it!

T, South Africa

My only regret is not buying one of these sooner.

Mads, United States


Guidance on selecting the best suited Native Nude Pleasure Wand™ for you or your partner.


"The revolution starts with self. Sexual liberation, orgasmic awakening and empowered partnership all stems from self. To have deep intimate connection, we must first hold it with ourself."


By the collective, for the collective.

Read real & raw shares from the women in our community.

Be inspired

"Presence with pleasure is the portal to deeper connection, full body sensation and multiple orgasms."

Shani, Founder of Native Nude

Voices of the Collective

These pleasure wands are mesmerizing. Natural stone, beautifully shaped, and full of energy. I fell in love. It just works. I’m reaching depths that have never been reached. Depths that hold all my insecurities and past sexual experiences. As I rewire, I’m learning to let go of what I can no longer control and what can no longer control me. I used to be so ashamed of not knowing everything when it came to sexuality and now I realize the secret is in the unknown spaces.

Bree, United States,

I am now truly loving my body and looking after her in such a radical way! And it feels like the chub I carried for so long is no longer needed. It's still crazy to me that this work has allowed such radical change in something I've struggled with since I was a little girl. Your work is life changing. Thank you, Thank you!

Abigail, South Africa

My wand aided in connecting deeply not only with myself but also with my husband as we navigated pregnancy and parenthood. It reminds me that even though I’m now a mother, I’m also a woman who is allowed to experience pleasure. It’s a mind shift to realise that it’s ok to put myself first sometimes. Continuing to prioritise time with myself and my husband in many ways balances me and helps me to be a better mother.

Michelle, South Africa

“Native Nude came into my journey during a very powerful shift in my life. Feeling stagnant and disconnected from my body after a period of illness. Exploring yoni massage, unlocking areas of numbness, as well as experiencing true trust and love in my relationship with myself. I’ve never in my life felt so connected to what I truly desire in touch and pleasure.”

Jade, South Africa

"I started to practice and play with the wonderful "beings“ I ordererd with you and it is magic happening…after quite some years of embodiment and trauma release work the yoni and cervix explorations with the crystal wands lift me and the world around me into a new dimension. Thank you for your wonderfully embodied and spirited business".

Salome, Switzerland

My husband of seven years and I have definitely started finding more time for eachother. It brought a new, passionate and enquisitive nature into our bedroom and definitely new sensations for me! It has been my experience that connecting more with ourselves, brings us closer to our partners.... These beautifully crafted wands most certainly helped us achieve this.

Sarah, South Africa

First of all, the packaging is so beautiful. I'd seen pictures on Instagram but it's even more magical in real life. Thank you for putting so much love and care into it. I could almost feel you with me as I unpacked and read the sweet note. The wand itself, this materpiece, this gorgeous work of art. It will take some time to get used to the power it holds. I've been going slowly with it. Crying, releasing, letting go.

Katrin, Germany

I have experienced loving sensual massage and deep meaningful orgasms using your beautiful crystal wands. My 60's is the perfect season in my life to truly discover self love and pleasure. After years of focusing and giving love to so many, it is so special to focus on my own sexual love and power. Set free from all inhibitions and absorbing all sensual feelings.

B, South Africa

I am feeling so much gratitude for you and how you expertly crafted a collective safe space with such care and vulnerability and fearlessness for all of us. Thank you for every once of your being that you are giving to help so many women. I never expected to feel such a strong sense of safety and community with people who I've mostly never met from around the world and you helped manifest that effortlessly.

Megan, United States