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Body & Business Somatics

The body leads, success follows shop

Wellness Within

Body based practices to feel alive, energized & intune in your body Shop

Emotional Freedom

Understand, process & enjoy the full totality of your emotions & expressions shop

"WOW! What an amazing experience. I released a blockage that's had a hold on me for over 6 years. And I think I'm getting a feeling for taking ownership of my own body and tapping into my own power."

Hannah, South Africa

"Just want to thank you again and say how powerful last night was. I had dreams after it all and something is well and truly being unleashed. I've gone from feeling powerless this week to completely and fully in my power and it is wild."

Marina, Canada

"I just burst into tears because I realised how fucking worthy I am. This is next level shit. THANK YOU! I literally felt my whole body tingle, and felt so much love and abundance flow through my body. Was sweating and crying a whole lot! It was insane."

Lauren, South Africa

"I have opened myself to myself more than ever before. Shani, everyone - thank you! Thank you for your acceptance, for your vulnerability, for your POWER. I carry you all with me, in power. Thank you, Thank you!

Christi, South Africa

"My body was vibrating and feeling sensations in such an intense way. I felt safe and let my body guide me. That's what I love about your rituals. You hold the space but it's really just your own journey. You can experience what you want to experience." 

Kerryn, Vietnam

"Wow wow wow Shani and all you beautiful souls. I have always felt so shy and embarrassed to move my body. This rewilding has been the first time I have felt confident to just let the fuck go! Thank you all so much, I'm going to miss you."

Reegan, South Africa

"I am feeling so much gratitude for how you expertly crafted a collective safe space with such care and vulnerability and fearlessness for all of us. Thank you for every once of your being that you are giving to help so many women. I never expected to feel such a strong sense of safety and community with people who I've mostly never met from around the world"

Megan, United States

"Every time I think I've experienced this, Shani fiercely and lovingly guides me even deeper into myself."

Jade, South Africa

"So much energy was in my body. So much tingling. I just had this understanding that all this energy is within me and I need to surrender and soften in order to receive and not just in my body but in my life. Letting go of expectations, of what I think I need and to be open and soft to receive the pleasure and ecstasy and bliss that life has to offer me."

A, South Africa


The body holds our beliefs.

Until we acknowledge, accept and liberate them - they may show up as sensations / aches / blocks.

Voices of the Collective

"After bodymind work with Shani I had the best most ecstastic body experiences of my life. Here are a few things you might not know, bodymind work is a process to help you become more embodied. Through embodiment we can clear emotions we didn't know were there and access more pleasure. Pleasure actively helps rewire the nervous system. And this is only a small part of why these sessions are life-changing. This goes much deeper than you can imagine without having the experience."

Jana, Spain

"I've spent years learning that it is morally good to constantly put others before yourself. I've watched people who I love, end almost every day overwhelmed and tired, but never consider changing anything. I've learned to feel guilty for feeling too much pleasure. I've told myself that in order to be loved, I can't make others jealous and therefore, I can't live a full, beautiful life! I've seen a life guided by pleasure as an unattainable, and maybe even an undesirable thing. But now, I'm committed to my unlearning. And today, this is what I'm sharing with myself (and now you). I am allowed to live in pleasure. In all it's magic, unpredictability, chaos and opportunity, life is naturally pleasurable. I am allowed to want and expect more pleasure than pain. Pleasure is my birthright."

Abigail, South Africa

"This was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Today I found myself meditating almost all day and just becoming really overwhelmed by how this bittersweet ending is. Thank you for describing perfectly how today can be just the beginning - it can start a lifetime of these practices. That is something I really needed to hear and something I will really take with me. I always knew you had an incredibly powerful spirit and this journey that you're on and this journey that you're guiding so many others through just takes that power to a new level. I am celebrating my body and this wild woman you helped to bring out but wholeheartedly I am celebrating YOU and everything you accomplished and how many souls you touched with this experience."

Laura, Mexico

"Wow, so many emotions came up for me in the ritual - joy, laughter, rage, pride, empathy and a whole lot of sadness and pity. Thanks for finding the right words! I loved the way you were holding the space and guiding us through the process. Today I feel a little down and emotionally exhausted. I recognize this low as the place where something new rises. A sort of grounding and restart. I've seen my shit (again!) and I am reminded to be patient and move slow. Not to demand from myself to feel juicy and dive into pleasure and adventure right now - especially under the such extreme circumstances (freezing cold winter and endless corona lockdown). I see and accept numbness and nothingness for now... But also lean towards the little traces of fun, joy and being touched by the sunlight."

V, Germany

"Oh my goodness, so a lot of my pregnancy was about rewilding and doing your workshop was definitely part of that. I did a lot of work connecting to my body and of course my baby. So many illusions of what is and what pregnancy and birth should look like began to shatter. I also decided to have a freebirth which was one of the most liberating, empowering experiences.Doing your workshop was so so special and definitely a part of my journey inwards, connecting more and more with my body and intuition as a mama.Shani you are such a light in the world- and this work is so important. I definitely think more mamas should be connecting to their sensuality during pregnancy. I definitely did and had a mind blowing orgasm during my birth! Birth and conception are so connected."

Rebecca, South Africa

"I am still processing the power and insights that came with the process. It was mad! Through surrendering, I met another part of my inner child and came to understand that it was a fearful voice that encouraged my unhealthy/ bingey relationship to food. I began to know her, accept her and reparent her throughout the week. I am now truly loving my body and looking after her in such a radical way! And it feels like the chub I carried for so long is no longer needed. It's still crazy to me that this work has allowed such radical change in something I've struggled with since I was a little girl. Your work is life changing.Thank you, Thank you!"

Abigail, South Africa


Redefining "work" and "success" in a way that feels good to your body.

Expanding the capacity of your nervous system to receive, create and expand.


Through the BodyBelief Method - practices for the body and business.

Synergy + Strategy = Success


By the collective, for the collective.

Read real & raw experiences from the women in our community.

Be inspired

Your body is your power source.

Shani, Founder

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