Self-pleasure isn’t to be the strong independent being that doesn’t need anyone. It’s to truly know, love & understand yourself. It’s one of the most vulnerable and raw holdings of your own. The capacity to give and receive your own primal ecstasy. It’s a coming home to the safety of your deepest desires.

So that when pleasure is shared in partnership, it’s orgasmic beyond the human understanding. It’s bigger than comprehension. It’s the elevation of existence. When you hold and know your own, you allow yourself to be taken deeper by another. The deep penetration of presence. Self-pleasure in partnership is important for the liberation of each individual, the empowerment of intimacy and the conscious exchange of orgasms beyond the physical form.

The energetic exchange gets deeper with every breath. The emotional exchange gets deeper with every feeling rippling through the bodies. The primal exchange gets deeper with every sound & expression. The physical exchange gets deeper with every touch, sensation & movement. The spiritual exchange gets deeper with every expansion, submission and domination. All this energy, looping in and out the bodies. Circulating, pulsating, sweating. When giving is receiving. When receiving is giving. When the lines are blurred. When the bodies are one. Sex is transcendental. 

Pleasure is an important part of partnership. Intentional connection, guiding each other to orgasmic dimensions and sharing the pleasure of life itself together. When partners are embodied in the wholeness of their sexuality, the intensity of connection ignites. 



"Oh my word I needed this. I'm such a sexual person  (in my head) but then I hold back. It's like I punish myself and won't let myself experience pleasure. Sex became something that was just a rushed thing I had to do because my partner needs a release . We experimented with my wand and it was so foreign for me to experience pleasure and let myself enjoy it. I resisted so much at the start and felt "dirty" for enjoying it. I'm learning so much with my partner right now and so grateful for Native Nude! You've probably saved my marriage (in the long run). Also saved me because I had such an emotional release after I experienced the first bit of pleasure consciously and in the moment."

Jen, South Africa


"I cannot begin to explain my journey and experience with my Luna white Jade wand. My partner and I have always had really amazing, satisfying sex for both parties but we started using the wand and a lot changed. I never thought something so small could have so much power in it. My orgasms have changed completely, they’re longer and feel like a burst of powerful energies throughout my body. They feel like powerful vibrations. We have built a strong relationship with the wand and I love how easy my partner can handle it with its bigger and round end. My partner always wants us to use it because it’s honestly amazing. We both love it. I believe so much in horoscopes and I’m ruled by the moon and the name Luna means moon so we always use it during full moons and it’s always a blast. We both have a companion in this wand. The wand knows my body so well, It’s incredible."

Cwenga, South Africa


“I received my Native Nude wand a few months into my pregnancy. It was such a beautiful tool that I used to celebrate my changing body as my tummy (and excitement for creating life) grew! My wand aided in connecting deeply not only with myself but also with my husband during this unique period in our lives. The wand brings an energy that is surprisingly peaceful and therapeutic, while at the same time being energising and exciting. When I gave birth, I finally understood what it means to be a “mother” - your life revolves around caring for this incredibly tiny person who is fully dependent on you. It’s all-consuming. You run the risk of losing your body to your baby - breastfeeding, hormones, sleep deprivation, the physical after-effects of birth etc. all played a role in altering my energy levels and how I viewed my body. My wand helped ground me as I’ve navigated this new role. It reminds me that even though I’m now a mother, I’m also a woman who is allowed to experience pleasure. It’s a mind shift to realise that it’s ok to put myself first sometimes. Continuing to prioritise time with myself and my husband in many ways balances me and helps me to be a better mother. My wand also helps to focus my mind, and be intentional with my pleasure.”

Michelle, South Africa 


"Partner and I had such a real conversation about sex today and the wand is already working its magic without even trying it. I'm so grateful for what you have enabled me to face. I'm so excited for the journey ahead. Talking about the wand and inviting my partner to share I the journey has already made us so much closer. Going with the flow and letting this vibe lead us down a whole new path together. We both have sexual trauma and I felt the healing start today just by talking about our sex life."

Jen, South Africa


"I absolutely love my beautiful wand. My husband of seven years and I have definitely started finding more time for eachother. It brought a new, passionate and enquisitive nature into our bedroom and definitely new sensations for me! It has been my experience that connecting more with ourselves, brings us closer to our partners.... These beautifully crafted wands most certainly helped us achieve this"

Sarah, South Africa 


"I think this whole process has just made me feel empowered. I was anxious to tell my partner about my order, worrying that he’d think I’m trying to replace him or something, but he was actually super keen. It's so weird how it becomes so taboo. At school we learn how to not have a baby and the physiological pathways of sex, but not actually sex itself."

- T, South Africa 


"When my hands & fingers were getting tired I used the wand for body massage and he loved it so much! Such an amazing multi purpose tool. I’m in love! Can’t wait to save up for my next purchase."

Josie, South Africa



"My sister, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for holding space for me to ask questions and to be super curious about pleasure. I had two full body mind blowing orgasms with my partner last night, which has never happened with a partner before. I truly believe that using my wand and connecting to my pleasure has been the biggest gift and support in reconnecting pleasure with a partner. So thank you! I am honestly just in awe of these experiences, holy shit! Must have been rewilding energy!"

Nicole, South Africa


"After Rewilding with Shani I had the best most ecstastic sexual experiences of my life. Here are a few things you might not know, rewilding is a ritual to help you become more embodied. Through embodiment we can clear emotions we didn't know were there and access more pleasure. Please actively helps rewire the nervous system. And this is only a small part of why these sessions are life-changing. This goes much deeper than you can imagine without having the experience."

- Jana, Spain


"Shani, thank you. Thank you for holding space for me, for us all, for giving me the chance to breathe and dance and cry my flipping eyes out so much that I couldn't even turn my camera back on because I cried make up all down my face haha! I didn't even know how much I needed this. I had flashes to a past life dancing with my mum who was my sister then, and I felt so free and wild and uninhibited. Now I just want to tap into this more... to get comfortable with walking around my apartment naked and loving my body and focus on deeper intimacy with my partner. I felt like a child again, free and flowy and strong. I'm bringing that playfulness back into my life. Even the singing in the beginning, my god, it felt good. I'm already excited for the next ritual. So much love for you! "

 - Siobhan, Scotland


"Thank you my sister. I honestly didn't realise how much I needed this. I had a good cry when I told myself and realised that I am worthy of abundance and a great partnership and love. That I am enough. I didn't realise how much disbelief and resistance I had inside of myself when it comes to that until now, so thank you for helping me realise this."

- C, South Africa