Safety is the foundation of true transformation. For any healing, reclamation, liberation (call it what you will) to take place, you need a resourced nervous system. A system that feels safe. This starts with creating safety within your own body. Without it, you'll be looping in survival, fight or flight mode and that is why you may be doing so much of "the work" but feel like you're not getting anywhere. The safety of your surroundings has a huge influence on your journey too. We are wired to be in community. Our nervous systems co-regulate in safe spaces.
The voices below cover all things from safety with self to the safety of space within Native Nude. 



"I just thought I'd add too that the reason I chose your work was because of your energy. You make it such a warm, fun and comfortable environment to make such a personal purchase. So thank you and I love it, so beautiful! Seriously has  already shifted my relationship with my body for the better!"

- Alice, Australia


"Shani, I have so many thoughts and feelings that I'm processing coming out of this experience but overall I am feeling so much gratitude for you and how you expertly crafted a collective safe space with such care and vulnerability and fearlessness for all of us. Thank you thank you for every ounce of your being that you are giving and have given to help so many womxn on their own journeys. I wrote in my journal that I never expected to feel such a strong sense of safety and community with people who I've mostly never met or even talked to from around the world... and you helped manifest that effortlessly. I am in awe of you and your power and your presence and grace and generosity. I miss you and everyone and this communal ritual so much already."

 - Megan, United States


"Shani, I don't think I could really describe what this week meant to me. This was one of the most powerful experiences of my life and I just have to thank you and celebrate you so so much. Today I found myself meditating almost all day and just becoming really overwhelmed by how this bittersweet ending is. Thank you for describing perfectly how today can be just the beginning - it can start a lifetime of these practices. That is something I really needed to hear and something I will really take with me. I always knew you had an incredibly powerful spirit and this journey that you're on and this journey that you're guiding so many others through just takes that power to a new level. I am celebrating my body and this wild woman you helped to bring out but wholeheartedly I am celebrating YOU and everything you accomplished and how many souls you touched with this experience. I'm just so grateful that you're in my life and that the universe let our souls connect. Forever grateful for you on this planet."

- Laura, Mexico


"I feel so lucky to have experienced something so beautiful as the first ever Native Nude Rewilding Ritual. Shani is so raw, real and relatable. She exudes positivity, passion and knowledge - which made her a great guide through my self-revolution journey. Thank you Shani for creating this space to share your wisdom and welcome unapologetically embracing pleasure and power!"

- Angelique, Vietnam


"Every time I think I've experienced this, Shani fiercely and lovingly guides me even deeper into myself."

- Jade, South Africa 


"Shani is an absolute angel. She has come to this earth to inspire us to heal. Thank you. You have changed my life. Let's keep changing more."

- Reegan, South Africa


"My body was vibrating and feeling sensations in such an intense way. I felt safe and let my body guide me. That's what I love about your rituals. You hold the space but it's really just your own journey. You can experience what you want to experince." 
- Kerryn, Vietnam 

"I have opened myself to myself more than ever before. Shani, everyone - thank you! Thank you for your acceptance, for your vulnerability, for your POWER. I carry you all with me, in power. Thank you, Thank you!"

- Christi, South Africa


"I can honestly say that Shani's Native Nude Rewilding Rituals has opened up something so beyond beautiful inside of me. During the entire week I felt so connected to not just my body but all the other beautiful women who took part in these rituals. My favourite moments in the calls were when I just let go of all judgment towards myself, just listened to how my body wanted to move and just gave way to sensual dance! I really felt so wild and free, and I have Shani to thank for that because she held the space for everyone so well, that I never felt shy and could fully express myself in movement and the different modalities. Shani truly has a gift and a passion that needs to be experienced! She has so much wisdom to part onto us and I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of the first of her Rewilding Rituals, and hope to be a part of many more."  

- Cayla, South Africa


"Thank you to all the sisters for supporting me on this mind blowing experience. Thank you Shani for your love, support and strength. Your guidance was so perfect, true and real. So excited to continue on this journey and honour myself and my truth. At the start I did not trust myself... by the end I was so ready to completely trust myself, my body, my mind and my voice. Sending so much love, joy and peace as we all continue on this journey together but apart."

- Kerryn, Vietnam


"Shani and I knew each other in school, but never really spent time together. We were from different worlds (or so we thought). All these years later, we have re-connected and the individual life journey's we have both been on share some very close elements. One of which, is the idea of fully embracing, loving and re-discovering our bodies and their connection to our spiritual well-being. The art of loving oneself unconditionally often comes with some really challenging, and potentially uncomfortable growth steps, but it is all SO worth it. One way to cultivate lasting healing on your physical, spiritual, emotional or mental journey is to fully recover the wild womxn within you. To forget how the world tells us to conform and hide our passion and sexuality. To unlearn ways of denying ourselves our truth and identity. But this can be challenging! That's where Shani and Native Nude step in - they create a safe and loving environment for you to explore who you truly are as a woman (or man for that fact), without fear and judgement. I went through the most recent "Rewilding" Journey, and was joined by women all over the world. It was eye opening to say the least. I would highly recommend this ritual to anyone wanting to reawaken their Divine Feminine, to those who struggle with their body or past trauma, or simply to those wanting to deepen their relationship with themselves in a non-conventional and intimate way. Thank you Shani for all that you do for women around the world, and for having the courage to be you, no matter what anyone says! An inspiration to us all!"

- Kirsten, South Africa


"In short ~ What’s coming up for me is giving myself permission to make time for this practice. Make this slowing down and dropping in a priority. I can be very good at this slowing down, but sometimes my mind starts feeding me stories that I have to do “other things” before I can relax, And recently realized how important sounding is for me, how when I can sound and express vocally, there’s a whole other activation that happens. Can actually viscerally feel the energy moving through my body and field."

- Ella, South Africa