Voices is where our Native Nude Collective share their experiences and stories to inspire and support your journey. Real people sharing the real and raw. The vision holders, the expanders, of what is possible.
By the collective, for the collective. 
All our voices hold power.  
People empower people. 
Experiences empower experiences. 
The intention of this is to support your belief in what is possible for you. 
And there is some real science to this.
From a neuroscience perspective, our beliefs and emotions massively stem from our subconscious, which is often developed and ingrained in our childhood years amongst life's experiences. This means that our upbringing, culture, environment, caretakers, peers, media, schooling and so on influences the foundation of our beliefs and they often get reinforced through our life's experiences. Our beliefs and emotions, recognized or not, take leadership of our life. We're always creating or reinforcing beliefs but our childhood ones have the biggest influence, as they hold the most established neural pathways. 
For example, if you desire abundance but were brought up with lack mentality, you're more likely to act from a place of scarcity than abundance. Therefore probably aligning with little abundance in your reality which further reinforces that subconscious belief of scarcity. Or say you desire to feel confident in your sexuality but this was deeply shamed in your upbringing, every time you try to step into that liberation - shame, fear and resistance takes over.
The beautiful thing about this all - it can change! Better yet, it gets to be pleasurable and a lot of fun! 
Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to adapt and change throughout our lives. Meaning that you can reprogram your beliefs over time. Imagine that, tailor-making your own beliefs and life. This is the reclamation! 
Where Native Nude takes a whole new spin on reclamation, transformation and liberation, is that it incorporates all this with pleasure and embodiment. The inspiration behind this is that we can only create change, when we feel safe and resourced enough to do so. Embodiment allows us to deeply feel everything, encouraging integration, while pleasure resources the nervous system in doing so. 
The voices of the Native Nude Collective are here to expand your subconscious belief and inspire your process. Allow these voices to be the vision holder for you. Your subconscious beliefs expand when you are around people who have what you desire. The more you read from different people, the more often you read them, the more new beliefs start to land for you. When you have that moment of "If she or they can - then I can", you're on to something! What is possible for one, is possible for all. Read these whenever you need an uplift, accountability, support or expansion on your journey.
Out of integrity for this work and for you, we only share the experiences of those who have experienced our products and processes. This is to provide tangible support and processes that we fully stand behind. We know this work - works. Align and action on what resonates with you. Change comes through inspired action, repetition and accountability. 
Together, in this journey of sexual reclamation & personal liberation. 
To read with ease, we have split them up into categories and within those different processes. This is so you can have insight into the process the sharer has undergone in their experience as support for your journey should you desire. It is one thing to be inspired, it is another to know the path of inspiration. When it comes to true transformation and liberation, it is not enough to know, we need to know-how. 
Native Nude Processes include Pleasure and Rewilding Rituals. Pleasure refers to our pleasure wands and yoni eggs. The Rewilding Rituals are online embodiment sessions with Shani, founder of Native Nude. This includes everything from breathwork, womb work, somatic and tantric practices, activating and channeling your life force energy, meditation, movement, emotional releasing techniques and so much more.
Below is an overview of the categories. Select each category for expansion on the topic and to read the powerful Voices of the Native Nude Collective. 

Inner Child 

The inner child is considered to be part of the subconscious part of your experiences, beliefs, feelings and thoughts from childhood, that are still showing up in your present reality. Working with the inner child is one of the foundations for deep transformation and ownership of your own life. In regards to sexuality, there is a sexual innocence that comes with childhood that is often shut down, shamed or made timid. This can all show up in our matured sexual essence.
Read this if you are feeling like outdated beliefs are running your narrative, if you feel a childlike sense of shame for your sexuality or if you are looking to empower your matured sexual essence.  


The grandparent imprints the parent. The parent imprints the child. The ripple effect goes on and on. We're human, we've never going to get it all right, that's part of the human experience but it's worth giving it our best shot. 
Read the voices of our Native Nude mama's for inspiration on nourishing pregnancy, orgasmic birthing and empowered parenting. 


Self-pleasure isn’t to be the strong independent being that doesn’t need anyone. It’s to truly know, love & understand yourself. The capacity to give and receive your own primal ecstasy. So that when pleasure is shared in partnership, it’s orgasmic beyond the human understanding. It’s bigger than comprehension. It’s the elevation of existence. When you hold and know your own, you allow yourself to be taken deeper by another. The deep penetration of presence. When giving is receiving. When receiving is giving. When the lines are blurred. When the bodies are one. Sex is transcendental. Pleasure is an important part of partnership. Intentional connection, guiding each other to orgasmic dimensions and sharing the pleasure of life itself together. When partners are embodied in the wholeness of their sexuality, the intensity of connection ignites. 

Read this for inspiration on self-pleasure, sexual healing and reclamation within partnership. As well as taking partnered sex and intimacy to deeper depths.

Personal Power

Power looks and feels different on all of us. Essentially, it's really about getting what it is that you truly desire. With pleasure and sexuality being so taboo, I personally believe, that reclaiming your pleasure empowers the greatest reclamation of self and in that all things taboo such as money, trauma, death etc. The things that are silenced or have little support yet are a huge part of the human experience. It takes true courage and vulnerability to own the silence of shadows, shame and stigma. I've witnessed this in my life and with those I work closely. There is no separation between the sexual woman and the powerful woman. Society suggests this but we're here to hold the vision that they co-exist. 

Read our Collective's powerful voices on their experiences of the empowerment of self - emotionally, mentally, physically, energetically and spiritually. All things power from confidence, self-worth, creativity, purpose to overcoming sexual shame, holdbacks and heartbreak. 


Sex and power correlate strongly and yet are often at war with each other. Female sexuality drives the world. It dominantly drives desire and decisions, from primal impulses to boardroom strategies and yet so many have lost their innate worth and connection to it. This divine power source and the woman herself has been taught to fear it. Any sexuality that isn't deemed "acceptable" such as the LGBTQ+ community or the "too much" or the "too little" woman, can hold huge fear, shame and judgment. In the same breath, men have been conditioned to believe that being emotional, vulnerable or receiving through deep connection gives their power away. We're all influenced in some way. There is no right path to sexuality. What is true for us all though, is that our pleasure, our bodies and our desires give us the most immense power. It is a primal source to aliveness, effortless flow and deep body wisdom.  Pleasure and life-changing orgasms are available to every being. 
Read this if you're seeking inspiration on your pleasure, orgasms, desires, body acceptance and sexuality as a whole. 


Safety is the foundation of true transformation and thriving sexuality. For any healing, reclamation, liberation (call it what you will) to take place, you need a resourced nervous system.
Read these shares if you feel like you are doing so much of "the work" but feel like you're not getting anywhere. If you've tried all the things and still aren't feeling a sense of worthiness, fulfilment and wholeness. If you feel foreign in your body or like you don't belong in your surroundings. Our community share on their experiences of creating safety with self and safety of space within the Native Nude Collective.

Triggers & Trauma

Sexuality and taking radical responsibility of your life can bring up a lot. Often what we regard as "something wrong with us", is unrecognized or unintegrated layers of trauma imprinted within the nervous system.  Trauma exists within the body because you weren't able to process it in real-time. Integrating trauma allows you to process the unfelt so that instead of your nervous system trying to save you from the past - you instead live from a place of newfound safety. It is one thing to have integrated trauma and another to be ruled by it. We're not looking to achieve "wholeness" here, that already exists within you, we're inviting integration. We own it so that it can no longer own us. 
Read this for support on triggers and trauma from shame, insecurities to divorce, health concerns and sexual trauma. You have the power within to overcome and become. Resource yourself and go slow. Healing is not linear.
 Shani, founder of Native Nude, is trauma-informed through the The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach (VITA™) certification and beyond that, through the resonance of her life experiences. She believes and has witnessed firsthand, in herself and clients, that pleasure has the power to transmute trauma.
If you're inspired to share your voice, we'd love to add your story. Please share here.