Shani Hutton is the founder of Native Nude and a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach through the VITATantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality by Layla Martin. An integrated study of neuroscience, sexuality and tantra where she is currently specializing in Female Sexuality and Tantric Sex. Shani has also previously studied alongside other experts in the field in Womb Sciences, Sacred Sexuality, Embodiment and Energy.

Authenticity, integrity and truth are some of her most valued qualities. This path started many years ago through her own sexual awakening and reclamation. Through the depth that her journey holds, she believes that every being has the innate power and wisdom to reclaim and liberate a life of pleasure. She knows this because she, herself, has witnessed it in her own life and in the clients that she supports.

Shani also holds a Business Honours Cum Laude and has held impressive management and director roles in Global Companies in South Africa, United Kingdom and America. She traveled the world for five years while working, which is where this journey of reclamation really began.

This is where she witnessed the disconnect to a life of pleasure within herself and many all around the world. She noticed the hard push and hustle for abundance, success and happiness with little of it authentically felt within. All with an inner knowing that there must be a greater way. She traveled all corners of self and the world, determined to discover the “more” that she longed for and knew existed. On this quest for a life of freedom and answers, she discovered that true liberation is through pleasure and the power within. 

From living in vans, on couches, overloaded houseshares, shitty hostels, luxury hotels, ships sailing the ocean, to the home she owns - to leaving big corporate titles and countries three times without any plan - only to go on to create greater prosperity with ease each time. Most importantly with a sense of freedom and fulfilment that felt more and more genuine within - all through the power of pleasure and radical responsibility. 

Through her own desire of a life of freedom and pleasure, she discovered that a life of pleasure starts with one’s own pleasure. She has since created and catapulted into a life of pleasure and freedom and is passionate about helping others do the same. Shani teaches globally and holds online embodiment sessions and works closely with 1on1 clients. 


Words from Shani

Native Nude was birthed from the depth of my own personal journey. For a long time, I was thriving from a societal perspective but my soul longed for more. I had bought the house, had the big corporate title and still I had so many questions so six years ago I sold or rented everything I owned and set out to travel the world in search of the answers. Most of those answers were within. This journey took me to all edges of self and I believe what my soul was searching for was my truth, my coming home.

I had traumas and my own becoming to surrender to, most of which I suppressed, resisted and ignored until they manifested in the form of multiple diagnoses. This took me to rock bottom, which looked like ugly tears while sitting naked on the floor looking in the mirror with a knowing that I was about to go on possibly the hardest journey of my life. I still remember this moment so clearly. The beautiful thing about rock bottom is deep surrender and openness to all. This sent me on a wild self-discovery and healing journey. 

I realized how much we live from our minds in this world. Even the focus on enlightenment can be very mind and higher consciousness driven. While we are living on this planet, embodiment and grounding into the human experience is really imperative for an abundant earthly journey.

In so many ways, I was guided to embodiment and encouraged that this would be my gift to share with others. The empowerment and education of sexuality go hand in hand as I believe that one of the greatest modalities of embodiment is pleasure. For many reasons but simply put, our sexual energy is our life force energy. Understanding and connecting with this is truly life transforming. How we do pleasure, is how we do life.

I grew up with many teachings around sex being a temptation. This always left me wondering about the mysteries of sexuality and looking back this disconnect left me disconnected to life. It’s no surprise that most of my diagnoses were associated with my womb, body complexes, shame and guilt. There can be power in the teaching of abstinence when it is through personal empowerment and choice but it debilitates when it is forced out of fear.

My sex education never honestly informed me about the beauty, healing and magic it all holds. On top of that, I experienced some traumatic happenings in my life that further created this deep desire to reclaim my own pleasure and power. 

Through my sexual awakening and reclamation journey, I healed myself from those diagnoses. Natural ecstatic sexual energy created healing and rebirth on a cellular level within my mind and body. I have dived deep into this work and this is how I believe I have created healing, embodiment and abundance in my life. Everything in life is energy and I believe it is closely linked to your sexual life force energy.

My sexual creative energy has called so many magnificent things into my life from health, self-realization, abundance, relationships, sexual awakening, businesses, finances, travel, opportunities and so much more. This is how I create the life I want to live - daily.  

Beyond all my studies and expertise in this field - I believe that one of the most powerful teachers in this world is life's experiences. This hasn’t been a quick fix. I am a teacher and will still forever be a student. That's the truth for all of us.

I have lived, breathed, resisted, cried, healed, celebrated and blossomed through this work. My journey was heavy and isolating which inspired me to create all that I wish I had. Life can be serious so I like to add some sauce. It gets to be fun, pleasurable and even deeply orgasmic if you like. 

Native Nude is a space that will empower, release and awaken people from society’s projections, generational trends and personal traumas. 

 A reclamation. 

A remembering. 

Power and pleasure is and always will be your birthright. 

With love,