Curious about Native Nude Coaching?

Our coaching offers all the tools, practices and support in creating your life of desire. Where Native Nude coaching differs to anything you may have come across before, is that it works closely with embodiment, meaning that we work closely with the body and mind, encouraging the integration of unprocessed experiences and expanding the nervous system's capacity to receive your life of pleasure. Essentially, you're creating the narrative of your life. This work is immensely powerful! 

It is ultimately all about you. Connecting to your truth and fully embodying it, is where the reclamation and liberation begin.
All coaching sessions are with Shani. Women from all around the world who have experienced coaching with Shani, mention her gift in identifying blockages, her intuition of knowing just what to say when - leading to that moment where "the penny just drops", her loving yet courageous nature of asking questions that require an honest look at self and most importantly the safety that Shani creates amongst topics that hold a lot of silence, shame and stigma.  
Shani is known for going deep! Based on that, she only works with "full-bodied yes clients" who are ready to unravel and uplevel. Meaning, you're a "F##K YES" to showing up for yourself. Shani has an "all in" nature. When you say yes, she will show up fully for your journey. With a knowing, that she can only ever meet you where your efforts and commitment are at.
Coaching is our most in-depth and exclusive offer to work with Shani privately. It is for the women who are ready to invest, who are ready for radical responsibility of their own life and who are ready for honest and loving support while doing so. 
If you want lasting change, you've got to go through the body. Shani focuses on a top-down (mind to body) and bottom-up (body to mind) to allow full integration of your nervous system. Shani works closely with the body-mind, embodiment practices and other immensely powerful tools. 
Shani, is the founder of Native Nude & certified coach through VITA™ Institute. An integrated study of neuroscience and body work. Shani has also previously studied alongside other experts in the field in Womb Sciences, Embodiment and Energy.  She is also trauma-informed through The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach (VITA™).
Beyond that, which she considers her most valuable gift to this space, is the depth and vastness of her life experiences that lead her to this journey to begin.
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