Product Quality

All Native Nude products are authentic. Every wand undergoes three strict quality checks before it is shipped to you. Native Nude Pleasure Wands™ are free from toxins, glue, artificial colouring and wax as well as completely free of toxic BPAs and phthalates, all of which can cause unbalance and may be harmful to your health.
Each Native Nude Pleasure Wand in the Crystal Collection are hand carved out of a solid block of authentic crystal or gemstone and then naturally polished, making the entire wand safe for intimate. 
These wands are products of the Earth so bare in mind that the crystal hues, patterns and size may vary slightly, making your wand a unique work of art. No two wands are exactly the same and this is what makes them so luxurious. 
The Luxx Collection is made from medical grade borosilicate glass. Each wand is annealed through a heat treatment process ensuring the most durable, sturdy and perfectly smooth glass to withstand different pressures and temperatures for hours of exploration and pleasure. All our glass wands are natural, non-toxic and non-porous.
We work exclusively with skilled craftsmen who hold humane work and ethical practices. This is a priority for Native Nude as we guarantee authentic products that are handcrafted with love
All products are safe to use with any lube and we recommend thoroughly washing and drying it after use to protect the longevity of your Native Nude product. 
The look and feel of Native Nude Pleasure Wands™ and Yoni Eggs really radiates the premium quality and authenticity that they hold. 
Native Nude holds your sexual health and sensual essence at the heart of it all. This is pivotal in the journey of reclamation and sexual empowerment. 

Native Nude Crystal Quality