Pleasure is a huge part of the empowerment of parenthood. When the parent is cared for, the child is better cared for. When the parent is nourished, the child is better nourished. The ripple effect goes on and on.

Pleasure nourishes the nervous system and overall well-being. While so much of life changes, our Native Nude mama's have shared with us how much making time for their pleasure impacts their role as a mother. 

Beyond that, the way you feel about your body, pleasure and sexuality is often what will be imprinted in the lives of your children. What you want for your child, starts with you.

Read the shares from our Native Nude Collective on their processes, realizations and celebrations with pregnancy, parenthood and partnership. These shares cover everything from nourishing pregnancy, orgasmic birthing to empowered parenting. 



“I received my Native Nude wand a few months into my pregnancy. It was such a beautiful tool that I used to celebrate my changing body as my tummy (and excitement for creating life) grew! My wand aided in connecting deeply not only with myself but also with my husband during this unique period in our lives. The wand brings an energy that is surprisingly peaceful and therapeutic, while at the same time being energising and exciting. When I gave birth, I finally understood what it means to be a “mother” - your life revolves around caring for this incredibly tiny person who is fully dependent on you. It’s all-consuming. You run the risk of losing your body to your baby - breastfeeding, hormones, sleep deprivation, the physical after-effects of birth etc. all played a role in altering my energy levels and how I viewed my body. My wand helped ground me as I’ve navigated this new role. It reminds me that even though I’m now a mother, I’m also a woman who is allowed to experience pleasure. It’s a mind shift to realise that it’s ok to put myself first sometimes. Continuing to prioritise time with myself and my husband in many ways balances me and helps me to be a better mother. My wand also helps to focus my mind, and be intentional with my pleasure.” 

Michelle, South Africa  



"Oh my goodness, so a lot of my pregnancy was about rewilding and doing your workshop was definitely part of that. I did a lot of work connecting to my body and of course my baby. So many illusions of what is and what pregnancy and birth should look like began to shatter. I also decided to have a freebirth which was one of the most liberating, empowering experiences.  Doing your workshop was so so special and definitely a part of my journey inwards, connecting more and more with my body and intuition as a mama. Shani you are such a light in the world- and this work is so important. I definitely think more mamas should be connecting to their sensuality & sexuality during pregnancy. I definitely did and had a mind blowing orgasm during my birth! Birth and conception are so connected."

- Rebecca, South Africa


Disclaimer: All pleasure wands are safe to use while pregnant and many of our Native Nude Collective mama's have expressed how this has been empowering for the sensual and sexual shifts that occur as the body miraculously changes.

While the yoni egg is powerful for enhancing fertility, creating balance and healing, it is not recommended during pregnancy or at least 6 weeks postpartum (or when your medical advisor suggests it is safe to have intercourse). This is because the jade egg practices can bring about strong hormonal shifts and cleansing. During this time it is best for mama to focus on more soothing and nourishing practices, such a self-pleasure, partnered pleasure, breast massage, walks, yoga and intimate moments as she/they creates life within. Reach out with questions or to your medical advisor if you have any concerns.