Sex and power correlate strongly and yet are often at war with each other. Female sexuality drives the world. It dominantly drives desire and decisions, from primal impulses to boardroom strategies, and yet so many have lost their innate worth and connection to it. This divine power source and the woman herself has been taught to fear it.

Any sexuality that isn't deemed "acceptable" such as the LGBTQ+ community or the "too much" or the "too little" woman, can hold huge fear, shame and judgment. In the same breath, many men have been conditioned to believe that being emotional, vulnerable or receiving through deep connection gives their power away. We're all influenced in some way.  

There is no right path to sexuality. What is true for us all though, is that our pleasure, our bodies and our desires give us the most immense power. It is a primal source to aliveness, effortless flow and deep body wisdom.  

You get to decide how you feel about your pleasure, body, orgasms and sexual reality. To embrace the full magnificence and magnitude and then decide who you choose to share it with from a place of authentic desire and empowerment.

Pleasure and life-changing orgasms are available to every being. They are primal and come from being deeply embodied in your body and sexual wholeness. At home, in yourself. A deep presence with all that you are. Embodiment and expression that is natural to you. Acceptance of all. Your wholeness has never left you. It just needs to be felt to feel true to you. A remembering. That's where expansive and orgasmic bliss exists.

No matter where you've come from or where you're going, a life of turn on belongs to you.  

The Native Nude Collective share their powerful voices on pleasure, orgasms, desires, body acceptance and sexuality as a whole.  




"I received my nova wand down under in Australia. It is incredible, it is so beautiful to look at and to hold, to suck during long distance sex videos with my lover, it has gotten better every time I’ve pleasured with it as we are getting to know each other. I just had an orgasm that shook through my whole body it felt like strong waves of energy coming out from my cervix to my whole body.  Wow. Thank you for making such a beautiful wand, it was love at first sight." 

Hannah, Australia


"I have experienced loving, sensual massage and deep meaningful orgasms using the beautiful crystal wands. I chose Rose Quartz because it is associated with the heart chakra. My 60's is the perfect season in my life to truly discover self love and pleasure. After years of focusing and giving love to so many, it is so special to focus on my own sexual love and power. Set free from all inhibitions and absorbing all sensual feelings in my own special space. Celebrating the woman warrior in me. Such a beautiful ceremony of love, trust, expression and release!" 

B, South Africa


"I never thought something so small could have so much power in it. My orgasms have changed completely, they’re longer and feel like a burst of powerful energies throughout my body. They feel like powerful vibrations." 

- Cwenga, South Africa


"I feel a new wild sexual activation. Literally, such a difference. Some whole new part of me has opened up. Grateful for you! The shifts in the relationships is the biggest gift. God doing your work is the most rewarding and uncomfortable thing haha!"

- Jana, Spain


"My journey with Native Nude started with an early birthday gift I decided to give myself. Following Shani and the Wands on Instagram, extremely attracted by the images and captions I decided with lot of excitement to get one for myself. Didn’t know a lot about them at that time but I was already in a deep healing journey. Getting my power back was what I was looking for and the awareness of being in need of pleasure was high. I’ve always been into self-pleasure, not in this way though. It’s always been much more a tragic flaw, a way to numb myself, to distract and to avoid my feelings. As a result my self-pleasure experience before Native Nude was always bringing me down. The first gift I gave myself was The Nova. I am so grateful to her. She allowed me to have a completely different approach to my pussy, first of all to get to know my pussy. Every single angle of her. Learning how my pussy is made and gently exploring her has been fun and surprising. Fun was the missing part of my self-pleasure. The surprises were coming from not putting anymore expectations on her. Holding space for me and the Nova was just a recreational time and with that sense of ease I have found new types of pleasure. The G-spot was not an easy point to reach and receive pleasure for me but the nova is the best for it and for the cervix point too. My second wand was the Tide black obsidian. I felt I needed to dive deeper into womb healing and pleasure. It wasn’t an immediate match between me and black obsidian. But after a time of settling in it’s now my favourite wand. It’s extremely potent since the type of crystal is designed for cleansing and healing. This type of work has been much more intense and I have experienced many emotional body releases by using it. Also the pleasure and orgasms have been more intense. The last two wands I have received are the The Luna and the Nectar which are a fresh new experience that I am enjoying with enthusiasm. What I can say is that every wand brought me to a new and different level of pleasure and healing. And that my life changed when I chose to work on receiving pleasure. Native Nude is also a brand who has a special person behind the scenes, Shani, who chooses the best quality, who thanks to her knowledge offers the best wands and who puts into every single shipping the love and support that every woman deserves in this journey."

- Marite, Italy


"I found out about you and your business and started to practice and play with the wonderful "beings“ I ordererd with you and it is magic happening…after quite some years of embodiment and trauma release work the yoni and cervix explorations with the crystal wands lift me and the world around me into a new dimension...soooo precious! Thank you for your wonderfully embodied and spirited "enterprise and business" – i feel very comfortable knowing that my wands come from "your hands“ which i trust and the heart and spirit you embody."

- Salome, Switzerland


“It feels absolutely amazing... I’m just in awe of how great it is. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Thanks for awakening. I needed it!”

T, South Africa


"My journey started with curiosity. A wonder of what may be out there that I have yet to tap into. These pleasure wands were mesmerizing. Natural stone, beautifully shaped, and full of energy . Sign me up! After receiving it , it took me a bit to get to work as I was in the height of my food service season. But once I indulged, I fell in love. It just works. As they say ,”if the slipper fits.” My journey is my own and it’s ever changing , sometimes shared with a partner or sacred moments with myself. I used to be so ashamed of not knowing everything when it came to sexuality, and now I realize the secret is in the unknown spaces. Grateful for these pleasure wands and there ability to colour it beautiful. Never stop learning. With love"

Bree, United States


"I first brought my amazing rose quartz wand and instantly fell in love with it! My favourite things about it is how gorgeous it looks, I could look at the beautiful crystal sparkles all day; also how it feels internally, able to reach all kinds of g spots I previously didn’t know existed, but with the guidance of native nude and self exploration I’ve reached new heights of pleasure. I’ve squirted for the first time, when I brought the wand I didn’t even know what this was. The wand has helped me feel empowered and supported in exploring and embracing my pleasure and sexuality. When I first brought the wand, I felt so connected to it, I used to sleep with it in my bed and carry it around with me for self love. That’s the great thing about them, you can use it as you wish. It’s super calming and soft energy was just what I needed to feel comfortable in my journey. So unique also about native nude is the community and being able to ask questions that come up about pleasure. Also the teachings on creating your own self pleasure, for example I now enjoy lighting candles and putting petals on my bed for self pleasure, I take more time for myself and it has a positive effect on all parts of my life. With understanding how to release shame and stagnant emotions I have also come so far and it has allowed me to open myself up to so much more in my life! It’s helped me gain confidence and a deeper connection to my body. My wand has helped me own my power, my queen energy. I absolutely adore mine!"

- Ellie, England  


“It makes sense you know, flowing with nature. We’ve been doing it since the beginning of time. We don’t question it. Like, the earth kissing my bare feet. The tree brushing against my hand. The wind playing with my hair. The moon bringing silver hues to the ocean water on my skin. The roses blooming with me. A butterfly landing on my knee. The birds singing for my waking. The sun pouring warm honey into my skin. An apple bringing me nourishment. A crystal that takes me places I long to go. Erotic innocence. It’s a coming home. A natural awakening. A natural learning. A natural expanding. A part of who we are.”

Rachel, South Africa


"I ordered my wand a few months ago and I have cultivated a wonderful relationship with it. I would characterize myself as someone who is looking for intense energetic experiences. I have worked closely with obsidian and jade, and I thought I would go against my general tendencies and opt for something soft and feminine like Rose Quartz. It was a very intuitive choice which I’m grateful for since it has allowed me to tap into deeper spaces gently and lovingly. I’ve had a lot of fun with my wand and discovered my own desires more deeply. There’s something deeply healing for me about going into the “forbidden” sexual places with the energy of rose quartz, transmuting what is generally loaded with stigma with pure divine love. The physical dimensions of the wand are perfect for playing with sensations all around. I highly recommend this wand for anyone looking to discover their bodies and “forbidden” fantasies with unconditional feminine love."

- Valerie Passano, United States


"In short ~ the yoni egg is so beautiful, and on a physical level, after only one use I could already feel my vaginal muscles were so activated and so much stronger. What’s coming up for me is giving myself permission to make time for this practice. Make this slowing down and dropping in a priority. I can be very good at this slowing down, but sometimes my mind starts feeding me stories that I have to do “other things” before I can relax, And recently realized how important sounding is for me, how when I can sound and express vocally, there’s a whole other activation that happens. Can actually viscerally feel the energy moving through my body and field. And it’s like an instant connection with my pleasure. When I was using it I was really working with presence and permission and just syncing into if my body was actually ready for this, which it wasn’t. And just by honouring that was so much freedom, bliss and joy just from honouring myself properly and not pushing myself to do it anyway. That was really powerful."

Ella, South Africa


"I can honestly say that I will never regret investing in myself and buying a pleasure wand! It was a full bodied YES! With it I've learnt how to enjoy my pleasure and to take my time, not to rush to the finish, but rather to enjoy the full experience and to explore my body and my pleasure. I haven't yet brought it into couple play, since I don't have an actual partner at this stage, but it's definitely something I think could bring a whole new intimacy into a relationship which I can't wait to try. But it wasn't just the wand itself, but the way Shani wraps and presents her gifts is so damn beautiful and I feel so cherished for it and because of this, I'm planning on eventually adding to my collection when I'm ready. If you feel called to purchase a pleasure wand from Native Nude, I can guarantee that you won't regret it. Let your pleasure run WILD."

Cayla, South Africa 


"My only regret is not buying one of these sooner."

Mads, United States


“The Nova captures feminine energy for me. It almost feels like water with its fluid shape and surprisingly soft surface. At the same time, it feels so strong and solid. This is the feminine to me; fluid and soft, but incredibly strong.”

 - Jess, South Africa 



"My sister, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for holding space for me to ask questions and to be super curious about pleasure. I had two full body mind blowing orgasms with my partner last night, which has never happened with a partner before. I truly believe that using my wand and connecting to my pleasure has been the biggest gift and support in reconnecting pleasure with a partner. So thank you! I am honestly just in awe of these experiences, holy shit! Must have been rewilding energy!"

Nicole, South Africa


"After Rewilding with Shani I had the best most ecstastic sexual experiences of my life. Here are a few things you might not know, rewilding is a ritual to help you become more embodied. Through embodiment we can clear emotions we didn't know were there and access more pleasure. Pleasure actively helps rewire the nervous system. And this is only a small part of why these sessions are life-changing. This goes much deeper than you can imagine without having the experience."

- Jana, Spain


"I am allowed to live in pleasure. In all it's magic, unpredictability, chaos and opportunity, life is naturally pleasurable. I am allowed to want and expect more pleasure than pain. Pleasure is my birthright. This is what I felt so wholeheartedly during the Rewilding Rituals yesterday evening. I've spent years learning that it is morally good to constantly put others before yourself. I've watched people who I love, end almost every day overwhelmed and tired, but never consider changing anything. I've learned to feel guilty for feeling too much pleasure. I've told myself that in order to be loved, I can't make others jealous and therefore, I can't live a full, beautiful life! I've seen a life guided by pleasure as an unattainable, and maybe even an undesirable thing. But now, I'm committed to my unlearning. And today, this is what I'm sharing with myself (and now you). I am allowed to live in pleasure. In all it's magic, unpredictability, chaos and opportunity, life is naturally pleasurable. I am allowed to want and expect more pleasure than pain. Pleasure is my birthright."

- Abigail, South Africa


"So much energy was in my body. So much tingling. I just had this understanding that all this energy is within me and I need to surrender and soften in order to receive and not just in my body but in my life. Letting go of expectations, of what I think I need and to be open and soft to receive the pleasure and ecstasy and bliss that life has to offer me. This will fuel my heart, soul and body."

- A, South Africa


"I am brave. I trust. I trust myself. I trust my higher self. I am my higher self. I release control. I trust my body. My body knows. I allow myself to feel ecstasy. Bliss. To receive. I allow myself pleasure. I allow myself desire and to receive my desires. All that power and energy within. To create. It is within me if I just allow it. Surrender into it. I can give and receive in fullness. Life force is creative force and I can access that energy everyday through ritual and practice, through my breath and my body. Soften and surrender in order to fully receive all pleasures and desires."

- Bridget, South Africa


"I have opened myself to myself more than ever before. Shani, everyone - thank you! Thank you for your acceptance, for your vulnerability, for your POWER. I carry you all with me, in power. Thank you, Thank you!

- Christi, South Africa


"My body was vibrating and feeling sensations in such an intense way. I felt safe and let my body guide me. That's what I love about your rituals. You hold the space but it's really just your own journey. You can experience what you want to experience." 

- Kerryn, Vietnam