Body Wisdom

My mind has been blown away by the body’s ability to remember the stories we hold but also to remember the way through. 

What I have found is that my current studies is the science, techniques and knowledge of the things that my intuition led me to when I started this journey of reclaiming my pleasure & power many years ago. 

Without taking anything away from my studies with my teacher, because I am expanding, shifting & learning new things daily. My life is literally changing because of this work. Little words to describe the depth we are going & the new things I am learning as I integrate. 

I want to thank & celebrate the way my body guided me to many of these tools on its own (including my teacher and studies). And I share to inspire you of this too. To trust the nudges from your body. 

This has all confirmed for me a deeper level of body wisdom guiding us to a remembrance. It has also reminded me of the importance of connecting with and listening to our body.

Years ago, when I realised that all that was keeping me at rock bottom was connected to my sacral chakra, I intuitively connected the dots to the shame and guilt I held around my sexuality. 

And so my body led me to,

Self-pleasure as sėxual reclamation. 

Crystal pleasure wands for healing & exploration. 

Yoni eggs to practice surrender & softening. 

Sending life force energy to different parts of my body.

Energy healing. 

Ritual & intentional practices.

Herbs, supplements & certain foods. 

Many books & podcasts that inspired my life. 

Teachers, coaches, mentors and studies. 

There were literally times where I said to my body “You can’t be f#cking serious, is that what you guiding me to do?”. I remember intuitively practicing sex magic as I combined my love for manifesting, orgasm & energy with little understanding that it was actually a thing but my body knew all along. 

There were also times of disappointment. I’ll never forget when I went shopping for a book that I was determined that I had to read for my healing and when I got to the bookshop, they were out of stock. Then “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay pulled me strongly. I went home with that book and I did just that, I healed my life on many levels. 

Trust the guidance & synchronicities.

When we connect to body wisdom, we know the way on our path. 

That is why I only merely facilitate the Rewilding Rituals and why it is embodiment focused, so that you feel the energy of YOUR body, you get to know YOUR power deeper and through that you develop greater trust with YOURSELF. 

And you can continue to use the tools you gain in your own rituals because it has very little to do with me and everything to do with you. 

In what way have you experienced guidance & synchronicities? Where is your body currently guiding you?