Womb Health & Healing

Womb Health & Healing

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I've combined my favourite and most powerful practices and best selling courses into ONE! This is the ultimate guide to womb & emotional nourishment and healing. 

This course is filled with video content, ebooks, diagrams, journal prompts, guided practices, meditations and Q&As. It focuses on the following topics:

Inner Child - explore the subconscious beliefs you have taken on over the years.

Emotional Empowerment - Emotional exploration & regulation. 

Rewrite you sexual story - this supports you to reprogram your subconscious beliefs around self, sexuality & intimacy.

Yoni De-armouring - nourish and heal your womb through this powerful practice.

Sex Magic - enhance, heal and manifest your desires through your life force energy.

Guided Practices- over 10 hours of guided practices.


You'll be emailed confirmation of the course. Another email will follow granting you access to the Yoni De-armouring Course.

Note - a wand isn't required for yoni de-armouring but it is recommended. You can go on this journey without it and incorporate a wand into your journey if and when you feel ready.