Copy of Voices (Including all)

In the Voices of the Native Nude Collective, our community share their experiences and stories to inspire your journey. All our voices hold power. 
People empower people. Experiences empower experiences. 
The intention of this is to support your belief in what is possible for you. From a neuroscience perspective, our belief massively stems from our subconscious, which is often developed and ingrained in childhood years amongst life's experiences. This means that our upbringing, culture, environment, caretakes, peers, media, schooling etc creates the foundation of our belief. It is often ruling our thoughts, actions, emotions, beliefs and the way we approach and create in life.
Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to change throughout our lives. Meaning that you can reprogram your beliefs at any time. The stories and voices of the Native Nude Collective are here to expand your belief and inspire your process. Read these whenever you need an uplift, accountability, support, resonance or expansion. 
To read with ease, we have split them up into processes and within those different categories. This is so you can have insight into the process or product the community member has undergone in their experience to deepen your resonance and inspiration for your journey. 
The idea is that together - we’re normalising the feelings that come up, supporting each other through tangible action steps and processes. To create community together in this journey of sexual reclamation & personal liberation. 
What is possible for one, is possible for all. 
Energy, Femininity, Numbness, Orgasm, Partnership, Pelvic Floor, Pleasure, Pregnancy & Motherhood, Resistance, Self-worth, Spirituality, Trauma. 
Body Wisdom, Confidence, Creativity, Ecstasy, Heartbreak, Inner Child, Personal Power, Pleasure, Reprogramming, Self-connection, Self-Worth, Space Holding.
"I ordered my wand a few months ago and I have cultivated a wonderful relationship with it. I would characterize myself as someone who is looking for intense energetic experiences. I have worked closely with obsidian and jade, and I thought I would go against my general tendencies and opt for something soft and feminine like Rose Quartz. It was a very intuitive choice which I’m grateful for since it has allowed me to tap into deeper spaces gently and lovingly. I’ve had a lot of fun with my wand and discovered my own desires more deeply. There’s something deeply healing for me about going into the “forbidden” sexual places with the energy of rose quartz, transmuting what is generally loaded with stigma with pure divine love. The physical dimensions of the wand are perfect for playing with sensations all around. I highly recommend this wand for anyone looking to discover their bodies and “forbidden” fantasies with unconditional feminine love."
- Valerie Passano, United States
“The Nova captures feminine energy for me. It almost feels like water with its fluid shape and suprisingly soft surface. At the same time, it feels so strong and solid. This is the feminine to me; fluid and soft, but incredibly strong.”
- Jess, South Africa
“Native Nude came into my journey during a very powerful shift in my life. Feeling stagnant and disconnected from my body after a period of illness, I felt called to embrace Native Nude’s authentic and empowering messages of healing and reclamation. I purchased the wand which felt the most like a ‘full body yes’ and when it arrived I was absolutely in awe of the energy it held. The packaging, product and personal support I received from Shani, were all so filled with respect, love, understanding and support. Hesitant about how to approach the healing with my recovering body, I spent some time connecting with my wand and myself through body massage. This time with myself felt like the bravest act of self-love, and truly helped me change my body-image after surgery. As my connection to my body, sexual energy and self-confidence grew, I started tapping into the wand’s power for self-pleasure. Exploring yoni massage, unlocking areas of numbness, as well as experiencing true trust and love in my relationship with myself, have all been incredible gifts. I would recommend these powerful tools to any woman who wants to heal her relationship with her body, self-pleasure, or even to improve her confidence in partnered s.ex. I’ve never in my life felt so connected to what I truly desire in touch and pleasure.”
- Jade, South Africa
"I received my nova wand down under in Australia. It is incredible, it is so beautiful to look at and to hold, to suck during long distance sex videos with my lover, it has gotten better every time I’ve pleasured with it as we are getting to know each other. I just had an orgasm that shook through my whole body it felt like strong waves of energy coming out from my cervix to my whole body.  Wow. Thank you for making such a beautiful wand, it was love at first sight."
- Hannah, Australia
"I have experienced loving, sensual massage and deep meaningful orgasms using your beautiful crystal wands. I chose Rose Quartz because it is associated with the heart chakra. My 60's is the perfect season in my life to truly discover self love and pleasure. After years of focusing and giving love to so many, it is so special to focus on my own sexual love and power. Set free from all inhibitions and absorbing all sensual feelings in my own special space. Celebrating the woman warrior in me. Such a beautiful ceremony of love, trust, expression and release!"
- B, South Africa
"I never thought something so small could have so much power in it. My orgasms have changed completely, they’re longer and feel like a burst of powerful energies throughout my body. They feel like powerful vibrations." 
- Cwenga, South Africa
"My sister, I just want to thank you from the botton of my heart for holding space for me to ask questions and to be super curious about pleasure. I had two full body mind blowing orgasms with my partner last night, which has never happened with a partner before. I truly believe that using my wand and connecting to my pleasure has been the biggest gift and support in reconnecting pleasure with a partner. So thank you! I am honestly just in awe of these experiences, holy shit! Must have been rewilding energy!"
- N, South Africa
"I absolutely love my beautiful wand. My husband of seven years and I have definitely started finding more time for eachother. It brought a new, passionate and enquisitive nature into our bedroom and definitely new sensations for me! It has been my experience that connecting more with ourselves, brings us closer to our partners.... These beautifully crafted wands most certainly helped us achieve this"
- Sarah, South Africa
"Oh my word I needed this. I'm such a sexual person  (in my head) but then I hold back. It's like I punish myself and won't let myself experience pleasure. Sex became something that was just a rushed thing I had to do because my partner needs a release . We experimented with my wand and it was so foreign for me to experience pleasure and let myself enjoy it. I resisted so much at the start and felt "dirty" for enjoying it. I'm learning so much with my partner right now and so grateful for Native Nude! You've probably saved my marriage (in the long run). Also saved me because I had such an emotional release after I experienced the first bit of pleasure consciously and in the moment."
- Jen, South Africa
"My sister, I just want to thank you from the botton of my heart for holding space for me to ask questions and to be super curious about pleasure. I had two full body mind blowing orgasms with my partner last night, which has never happened with a partner before. I truly believe that using my wand and connecting to my pleasure has been the biggest gift and support in reconnecting pleasure with a partner. So thank you! I am honestly just in awe of these experiences, holy shit!"
- N, South Africa
"When my hands & fingers were getting tired I used the wand for body massage and he loved it so much! Such an amazing multi purpose tool. I’m in love! Can’t wait to save up for my next purchase."
- Josie, South Africa
"I cannot begin to explain my journey and experience with my Luna white Jade wand. My partner and I have always had really amazing, satisfying sex for both parties but we started using the wand and a lot changed. I never thought something so small could have so much power in it. My orgasms have changed completely, they’re longer and feel like a burst of powerful energies throughout my body. They feel like powerful vibrations. We have built a strong relationship with the wand and I love how easy my partner can handle it with its bigger and round end. My partner always wants us to use it because it’s honestly amazing. We both love it. I believe so much in horoscopes and I’m ruled by the moon and the name Luna means moon so we always use it during full moons and it’s always a blast. We both have a companion in this wand. The wand knows my body so well, It’s incredible."
Cwenga, South Africa
"Partner and I had such a real conversation about sex today and the wand is already working its magic without even trying it. I'm so grateful for what you have enabled me to face. I'm so excited for the journey ahead. Talking about the wand and inviting my partner to share I the journey has already made us so much closer. Going with the flow and letting this vibe lead us down a whole new path together. We both have sexual trauma and I felt the healing start today just by talking about our sex life."
- Jen, South Africa
"In short ~ the yoni egg is so beautiful, and on a physical level, after only one use I could already feel my vaginal muscles were so activated and so much stronger. What’s coming up for me is giving myself permission to make time for this practice. Make this slowing down and dropping in a priority. I can be very good at this slowing down, but sometimes my mind starts feeding me stories that I have to do “other things” before I can relax, And recently realized how important sounding is for me, how when I can sound and express vocally, there’s a whole other activation that happens. Can actually viscerally feel the energy moving through my body and field. And it’s like an instant connection with my pleasure. When I was using it I was really working with presence and permission and just syncing into if my body was actually ready for this, which it wasn’t. And just by honouring that was so much freedom, bliss and joy just from honouring myself properly and not pushing myself to do it anyway. That was really powerful."
- Ella, South Africa
"I feel like new wild sexual activation. Literally, such a difference. Some whole new part of me has opened up. Grateful for you! The shifts in the relationships is the biggest gift. God doing your work is the most rewarding and uncomfortable thing haha!"
- Jana, Spain
"I found out about you and your business and started to practice and play with the wonderful "beings“ I ordererd with you and it is magic happening…after quite some years of embodiment and trauma release work the yoni and cervix explorations with the crystal wands lift me and the world around me into a new dimension...soooo precious! Thank you for your wonderfully embodied and spirited "enterprise and business" – i feel very comfortable knowing that my wands come from "your hands“ which i trust and the heart and spirit you embody."
- Salome, Switzerland
“It feels absolutely amazing... I’m just in awe of how great it is. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Thanks for awakening. I needed it!”
- T, South Africa
"My journey started with curiosity. A wonder of what may be out there that I have yet to tap into. These pleasure wands were mesmerizing. Natural stone, beautifully shaped, and full of energy . Sign me up! After receiving it , it took me a bit to get to work as I was in the height of my food service season. But once I indulged, I fell in love. It just works. As they say ,”if the slipper fits.” My journey is my own and it’s ever changing , sometimes shared with a partner or sacred moments with myself. I used to be so ashamed of not knowing everything when it came to sexuality, and now I realize the secret is in the unknown spaces. Grateful for these pleasure wands and there ability to colour it beautiful. Never stop learning. With love"
- Bree, United States

"I first brought my amazing rose quartz wand and instantly fell in love with it! My favourite things about it is how gorgeous it looks, I could look at the beautiful crystal sparkles all day; also how it feels internally, able to reach all kinds of g spots I previously didn’t know existed, but with the guidance of native nude and self exploration I’ve reached new heights of pleasure. I’ve squirted for the first time, when I brought the wand I didn’t even know what this was. The wand has helped me feel empowered and supported in exploring and embracing my pleasure and sexuality. When I first brought the wand, I felt so connected to it, I used to sleep with it in my bed and carry it around with me for self love. That’s the great thing about them, you can use it as you wish. It’s super calming and soft energy was just what I needed to feel comfortable in my journey. So unique also about native nude is the community and being able to ask questions that come up about pleasure. Also the teachings on creating your own self pleasure, for example I now enjoy lighting candles and putting petals on my bed for self pleasure, I take more time for myself and it has a positive effect on all parts of my life. With understanding how to release shame and stagnant emotions I have also come so far and it has allowed me to open myself up to so much more in my life! It’s helped me gain confidence and a deeper connection to my body. My wand has helped me own my power, my queen energy. I absolutely adore mine!"

- Ellie, United Kingdom   

"I can honestly say that I will never regret investing in myself and buying a pleasure wand! It was a full bodied YES! With it I've learnt how to enjoy my pleasure and to take my time, not to rush to the finish, but rather to enjoy the full experience and to explore my body and my pleasure. I haven't yet brought it into couple play, since I don't have an actual partner at this stage, but it's definitely something I think could bring a whole new intimacy into a relationship which I can't wait to try. But it wasn't just the wand itself, but the way Shani wraps and presents her gifts is so damn beautiful and I feel so cherished for it and because of this, I'm planning on eventually adding to my collection when I'm ready. If you feel called to purchase a pleasure wand from Native Nude, I can guarantee that you won't regret it. Let your pleasure run WILD."
- Cayla, South Africa
"My only regret is not buying one of these sooner."
- Mads, United States
“I received my Native Nude wand a few months into my pregnancy. It was such a beautiful tool that I used to celebrate my changing body as my tummy (and excitement for creating life) grew! My wand aided in connecting deeply not only with myself but also with my husband during this unique period in our lives. The wand brings an energy that is surprisingly peaceful and therapeutic, while at the same time being energising and exciting. When I gave birth, I finally understood what it means to be a “mother” - your life revolves around caring for this incredibly tiny person who is fully dependent on you. It’s all-consuming. You run the risk of losing your body to your baby - breastfeeding, hormones, sleep deprivation, the physical after-effects of birth etc. all played a role in altering my energy levels and how I viewed my body. My wand helped ground me as I’ve navigated this new role. It reminds me that even though I’m now a mother, I’m also a woman who is allowed to experience pleasure. It’s a mind shift to realise that it’s ok to put myself first sometimes. Continuing to prioritise time with myself and my husband in many ways balances me and helps me to be a better mother. My wand also helps to focus my mind, and be intentional with my pleasure.”
- Michelle, South Africa 

"On self—worth & self—permission. I want to allay a memory, or perhaps a few: recollection & release of trauma, self pity & pain. But before I do — I will talk a little about what happened yesterday. I had ordered and received a most beautiful glass pleasure wand. Something I’d hesitated from purchasing because “financial constraints wouldn’t allow” or “ what would people say about me?” or “ I can’t justify the importance of my self—pleasure”. I don’t know why I think I have to come across as an amoeba. Ask for nothing — care about nothing. It’s sets up very little room for potentially disappointing anyone but also denies the very sacred consciousness of who I am. I am not homogenous, undefined or an affected. I am deserving of feeling, volition and expressive words. So when this beautiful package arrived I went to open it and found actual rainbows dancing around my room. — MAGICAL, yes? YES! So I took some photographs excited and enamored and continued to enjoy tremendously the sensations of exploration, release and surrender of honoring and loving my body entirely and thoroughly. Of course I thought to share the images of rainbows to Instagram afterwards— and suddenly I contracted. Was it because I’m private— because I believe my sacredness is my own? Goddess knows I’ve engaged in self pleasure many many times without sharing about it online. Maybe because I don’t want to be vulnerable to what others may think of me? “ah, yes, another bitch on a spiritual trip — thinking she can buy elevation“ — what small thinking to be afraid of — What small thinking to direct my actions with. Truthfully, it’s a mixture of these. I am private and secretive and sometimes it is beautiful to experience something just for the sake of experiencing it for myself. I am afraid and I do let that fear keep me small. I have given many things away to hastily and allowed outside influences to kill them with harshness — to kill parts of me with harshness. And it has not been in service And then something strange happened. I shared my hesitancy with Shani and her response reminded me of the sacred expanding connection established when we refuse to be amoebas — when I allow myself to feel — everything — profoundly."

- Maxine, South Africa



"A particular recollection. Mom and I were shopping and I wanted a — admittedly pretty wild — gold jumpsuit. (Early 2000’s space glam) so I could be this sexy space alien I envisioned myself as. and she said no. and the no was accompanied by the shaming statement and condition that I was too fast to wear something like that and that if I lost weight she might consider buying it for me. and so I walked away with this coding: “Unless I or anyone else thinks you look good enough — you do not deserve to express yourself as the goddess you think you are.” I didn’t lose the weight then. In fact, I believe I gained more. Turning to food to quell my shame and loneliness, turning to baggier less sexy clothes and harsher, passive aggressive behavior to the accompany it. Adopting wounded masculine energy to eradicate the pain of my wounded feminine. This is heartbreaking to acknowledge. This is is liberating and heart healing to forgive. I am allowed — The permission is given me— to me and from source only and eternally— to be who ever I wish, however I wish on any terms which feel true for my soul. Even as that young child, reliant upon her mother financially for acquiring things, my reliance and alliance was only meant for source and now it is. And no it clearly is. I have agency beyond the physical. Beyond inquiring, beyond owning or having something. I am free to express my true self. I deserve. Always. I am deserving. I am good enough. I do not and will not, alter myself out of punishment to conform to what someone else deems worthy."

- Maxine, South Africa

This brings me to the next reflection. This morning I made myself a meal. Seeded bread eggs, greens harvested from the garden, lemon water nettle infusion and I ate and enjoyed every bite. I can feel the sustenance and nourishment I love digesting in my body. I can feel myself receiving what I deserve. It is so pleasurable. It is all alive in me. And I will tell you here that my body is not now very slim. it is soft, there is padding. And not too long ago I would have denied myself this nourishment based on this. I would’ve eaten too little purged anything that I did eat. I would have hidden from the world or sought meaningless physical validation through men or sex or shopping. I would’ve starved and denied myself like a hungry little ghost. And it would not have been in service. I am allowed to eat, to feel pleasure, to express myself fully and undilutedly and further this is my responsibility. It is my responsibility to alchemize my worth into golden nourishment. It is my responsibility to accept and give and to offer my own permission. I am not an amoeba. I am starlight and earth, fire and flowing water. I am unique elemental merging magic and my response & responsibility is my own."

- Maxine, South Africa


“It makes sense you know, flowing with nature. We’ve been doing it since the beginning of time. We don’t question it. Like, the earth kissing my bare feet. The tree brushing against my hand. The wind playing with my hair. The moon bringing silver hues to the ocean water on my skin. The roses blooming with me. A butterfly landing on my knee. The birds singing for my waking. The sun pouring warm honey into my skin. An apple bringing me nourishment. A crystal that takes me places I long to go. Erotic innocence. It’s a coming home. A natural awakening. A natural learning. A natural expanding. A part of who we are.”
- Rachel, South Africa
"Wow: where to begin... mmmmm. I was instantly drawn towards investing in a delicious yoni wand. I spent lots of time connecting to the crystal first, this was really part of the whole excitement for me. Crystals have always felt so healing, especially held against my body. Their subtleties are warming and cleansing if observed in silence and celebration. My journey since, with the wand, has been gentle and is ever expanding as I spend more time cultivating a loving and tentative relationship with myself. I have come to honor, making time to connect more deeply with all my bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I have discovered that reclaiming my sensuality and sexuality has played a vital role in the development of my spirituality."
- Jade, South Africa
"First of all, the packaging is so beautiful. I'd seen pictures on Instagram but it's even more magical in real life. Thank you for putting so much love and care into it. I could almost feel you with me as I unpacked and read the sweet note. And then the wand itself. This masterpiece, this gorgeous work of art. It will take some time to get used to the power it holds. I've been going oh so slowly with it. Crying, releasing, letting go, letting go. Thank you."
- Katrin, Germany
“Tears running down my face? Why? I’m not feeling pain am I? As I continue to massage the wand, I’m reaching depths that have never been reached. Depths that hold all my insecurities and past sexual experiences. I’m practicing. Practicing being comfortable in the uncomfortable, practicing being safe in my own, practicing compassion for tenderness of my body. As I rewire, I’m learning to let go, let go of what I can no longer control and what can no longer control me. The tears are larger as I push deeper. I’m searching for more. More meaning. More understanding. More pleasure. More release. My body tenses. My tears dry up ...and that’s all I have time for today ...must get to work.”
- Bree, United States
"I literally felt my whole body tingle, and felt so much love and abundance flow through my body. Was sweating and crying a whole lot! It was insane."
- Lauren, South Africa
"Thank you! Thank you! Your energy is just incredible. Eeeeekkk just going to go bask in the freedom of this release now."
- Marina, Canada
"My body was vibrating and feeling sensations in such an intense way. I felt safe and let my body guide me. That's what I love about your rituals. You hold the space but it's really just your own journey. You can experience what you want to experince." 
- Kerryn, Vietnam 
"So much energy was in my body. So much tingling. I just had this understanding that all this energy is within me and I need to surrender and soften in order to receive and not just in my body but in my life. Letting go of expectations, of what I think I need and to be open and soft to receive the pleasure and ecstasy and bliss that life has to offer me. This will fuel my heart, soul and body."
- Anonymous, South Africa
"Wow. What an empowering week. Myself and my three friends signed up for the Rewilding Rituals with curiosity, excited to support and tap into our feminine energy. What we didn’t expect was how incredibly transformative and moving the week would be for us - not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually. The space which was created for the group to heal, was so incredibly safe and supportive, free of all judgment or shame. Each of us processed and shifted some heavy blockages and felt so held as we really tapped into what it meant to surrender and reclaim our inner wild. Through breath, dance and a strong collective energy, we all ended the week feeling open, grounded and excited for more!"
- Jade, South Africa
"Wow wow wow Shani and all you beautiful souls. I have always felt so shy and embarressed to move my body. This rewilding has been the first time I have felt confident to just let the fuck go! Thank you all so much, I'm going to miss you."
- Reegan, South Africa
"I was so quiet after... but now things are flowing and I even feel my creativity pouring out. Interesting feeling to breathe through my cervix as I am currently menstruating so could feel my moon cup. But it felt powerful actually."
- Siobhan, Scotland
"I went into a whole trip... it was incredible... after the blocks for more tense then loosened I went into an uncontrollable laughter. It felt like a cosmic giggle."
- Noor, Saudi Arabia

“Day 1 of the first ever Native Nude Rewilding was also day 1 of a massive loss, change and transformation in my life. Shani was leading her first and only five day Rewilding. I had signed up a week before after a strong pull and curiosity to do it. As we landed in the space, Shanz brought forward 3 key messages, of which I can only remember two:

1. Loss is coming, but it is a blessing in disguise... 

2. Tending to your inner child 

I clearly remember resisting the first message completely. I said to myself..."nope that's not for me". Tending to my inner child seems more comfortable, so that sounds good. I'll resonate with that one. Little did I know that just by showing up, I opened my heart, mind and soul to my body wisdom and true as bob, that night my ex partner and I ended our 7.5 year ultimate loss at the time. I always relate this back to one of Shani's famous lines " you can't fuck this up" because no matter how much I wanted to resonate with message 2, life had other plans and it was up to me to choose differently and see the blessings. While in emotional turmoil of loss I chose to intentionally show up for the remaining 4 days. I have no doubt in my mind that in doing this it helped me to process the heartbreak and fear surrounding such a massive change and choice. I truly believe that the space created in myself, the love I poured into my very real and raw wounds and the deep trust I forged within that week under Shani's and my body's wisdom established a solid foundation. A deep grounding to transmute and embody this loss as the ultimate gift and opportunity that it had the potential to be. Upon reflection, it is clear that over this past year, whatever has been thrown my way, my intuition and deepest desires have led the way, practicing presence and surrendering to it all- the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the brave, the joy, the peace, the pride, the love, the light. This is a pure testament to the rebirth that happened deep within my core in those 5 special, transformative days and I will be forever grateful for the Rewilding Ritual giving me the tools to hold space for my self which allowed myself to grow and thrive and most importantly love myself and my life again. It hasn't always been easy but it most definitely has been worth it.”

Kerryn, Vietnam. 



"I am still processing the power and insights that came with the Rewilding Rituals. It was mad! Through surrendering, I met another part of my inner child and came to understand that it was a fearful voice that encouraged my unhealthy/ bingey relationship to food. I began to know her, accept her and reparent her throughout the week. I am now truly loving my body and looking after her in such a radical way! And it feels like the chub I carried for so long is no longer needed. It's still crazy to me that this work has allowed such radical change in something I've struggled with since I was a little girl. Your work is life changing. Thank you, Thank you!"

- Abigail, South Africa

"My heart is breaking open. I’m feeling through transformational healing at the moment. During a sacred ritual held by the magical Native Nude yesterday, I met parts of myself that I haven’t been able to access with such clarity before. I wept with grief, rage and sadness meeting my inner child who fought so hard to be held. I was flooded with memories of her losing her voice along the way and in that silence, giving away her power. During the ritual my body told me to dance, just like the girl I knew in this photo. And I followed her. I danced through the helplessness, the neediness, the longing and the shame. All I had wanted was for someone to be my hero, and it has been me all along. Forgiveness. Release. Relief. Reclamation. Only you know your own way home. And so, I’m allowing my heart to break a little more open towards the light that lies beyond."
- Nicola, South Africa
"Shani, thank you. Thank you for holding space for me, for us all, for giving me the chance to breathe and dance and cry my flipping eyes out so much that I couldn't even turn my camera back on because I cried make up all down my face haha! I didn't even know how much I needed this. I had flashes to a past life dancing with my mum who was my sister then, and I felt so free and wild and uninhibited. Now I just want to tap into this more... to get comfortable with walking around my apartment naked and loving my body and focus on deeper intimacy with my partner. I felt like a child again, free and flowy and strong. I'm bringing that playfulness back into my life. Even the singing in the beginning, my god, it felt good. I'm already excited for the next ritual. So much love for you! "
- Siobhan, Scotland
"Just want to thank you again and say how powerful last night was. I had dreams after it all and something is well and truly being unleashed. I've gone from feeling powerless this week to completely and fully in my power and it is wild."
- Marina, Canada
"I feel like I just quantum leaped with grace."
- Anonymous, South Africa
"I am brave. I trust. I trust myself. I trust my higher self. I am my higher self. I release control. I trust my body. My body knows. I allow myself to feel ecstasy. Bliss. To receive. I allow myself pleasure. I allow myself desire and to receive my desires. All that power and energy within. To create. It is within me if I just allow it. Surrender into it. I can give and receive in fullness. Life force is creative force and I can access that energy everyday through ritual and practice, through my breath and my body. Soften and surrender in order to fully receive all pleasures and desires."
- Bridget, South Africa
"WOW! What an amazing experience. I released a blockage that's had a hold on me for over 6 years. And I think I'm getting a feeling for taking ownership of my own body and tapping into my own power."
- Hannah, South Africa
"My sister, I just want to thank you from the botton of my heart for holding space for me to ask questions and to be super curious about pleasure. I had two full body mind blowing orgasms with my partner last night, which has never happened with a partner before. I truly believe that using my wand and connecting to my pleasure has been the biggest gift and support in reconnecting pleasure with a partner. So thank you! I am honestly just in awe of these experiences, holy shit! Must have been rewilding energy!"
- N, South Africa
"After Rewilding with Shani I had the best most ecstastic sexual experiences of my life. Here are a few things you might not know, rewilding is a ritual to help you become more embodied. Through embodiment we can clear emotions we didn't know were there and access more pleasure. Please actively helps rewire the nervous system. And this is only a small part of why these sessions are life-changing. This goes much deeper than you can imagine without having the experience."
- Jana, Spain
"I am allowed to live in pleasure. In all it's magic, unpredictability, chaos and opportunity, life is naturally pleasurable. I am allowed to want and expect more pleasure than pain. Pleasure is my birthright. This is what I felt so wholeheartedly during the Rewilding Rituals yesterday evening. I've spent years learning that it is morally good to constantly put others before yourself. I've watched people who I love, end almost every day overwhelmed and tired, but never consider changing anything. I've learned to feel guilty for feeling too much pleasure. I've told myself that in order to be loved, I can't make others jealous and therefore, I can't live a full, beautiful life! I've seen a life guided by pleasure as an unattainable, and maybe even an undesirable thing. But now, I'm committed to my unlearning. And today, this is what I'm sharing with myself (and now you). I am allowed to live in pleasure. In all it's magic, unpredictability, chaos and opportunity, life is naturally pleasurable. I am allowed to want and expect more pleasure than pain. Pleasure is my birthright."
- Abigail, South Africa
"I have opened myself to myself more than ever before. Shani, everyone - thank you! Thank you for your acceptance, for your vulnerability, for your POWER. I carry you all with me, in power. Thank you, Thank you!"
- Christi, South Africa
"Thank you to all the sisters for supporting me on this mind blowing experience. Thank you Shani for your love, support and strength. Your guidance was so perfect, true and real. So excited to continue on this journey and honour myself and my truth. At the start I did not trust myself... by the end I was so ready to completely trust myself, my body, my mind and my voice. Sending so much love, joy and peace as we all continue on this journey together but apart."
- Kerryn, Vietnam
"I can honestly say that Shani's Native Nude Rewilding Rituals has opened up something so beyond beautiful inside of me. During the entire week I felt so connected to not just my body but all the other beautiful womxn who took part in these rituals. My favourite moments in the calls were when I just let go of all judgment towards myself, just listened to how my body wanted to move and just gave way to sensual dance! I really felt so wild and free, and I have Shani to thank for that because she held the space for everyone so well, that I never felt shy and could fully express myself in movement and the different modalities. Shani truly has a gift and a passion that needs to be experienced! She has so much wisdom to part onto us and I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of the first of her Rewilding Rituals, and hope to be a part of many more."  
- Cayla, South Africa
"I just burst into tears because I realised how fucking worthy I am. This is next level shit. THANK YOU!"
- Lauren, South Africa
"Thank you my sister. I honestly didn't realise how much I needed this. I had a good cry when I told myself and realised that I am worthy of abundance and a great partnership and love. That I am enough. I didn't realise how much disbelief and resistance I had inside of myself when it comes to that until now, so thank you for helping me realise this."
- Anonymous, South Africa
"Shani, I don't think I could really describe what this week meant to me. This was one of the most powerful experiences of my life and I just have to thank you and celebrate you so so much. Today I found myself meditating almost all day and just becoming really overwhelmed by how this bittersweet ending is. Thank you for describing perfectly how today can be just the beginning - it can start a lifetime of these practices. That is something I really needed to hear and something I will really take with me. I always knew you had an incredibly powerful spirit and this journey that you're on and this journey that you're guiding so many others through just takes that power to a new level. I am celebrating my body and this wild woman you helped to bring out but wholeheartedly I am celebrating YOU and everything you accomplished and how many souls you touched with this experience. I'm just so grateful that you're in my life and that the universe let our souls connect. Forever grateful for you on this planet."
- Laura, America
"I feel so lucky to have experienced something so beautiful as the first ever Native Nude Rewilding Ritual. Shani is so raw, real and relatable. She exudes positivity, passion and knowledge - which made her a great guide through my self-revolution journey. Thank you Shani for creating this space to share your wisdom and welcome unapologetically embracing pleasure and power!"
- Angelique, Vietnam
"Shani, I have so many thoughts and feelings that I'm processing coming out of this experience but overall I am feeling so much gratitude for you and how you expertly crafted a collective safe space with such care and vulnerability and fearlessness for all of us. Thank you thank you for every ounce of your being that you are giving and have given to help so many womxn on their own journeys. I wrote in my journal that I never expected to feel such a strong sense of safety and community with people who I've mostly never met or even talked to from around the world... and you helped manifest that effortlessly. I am in awe of you and your power and your presence and grace and generosity. I miss you and everyone and this communal ritual so much already."
- Megan, America
"Every time I think I've experienced this, Shani fiercely and lovingly guides me even deeper into myself."
- Jade, South Africa
"Shani is an absolute angel. She has come to this earth to inspire us to heal. Thank you. You have changed my life. Let's keep changing more."
- Reegan, South Africa

"Wow, so many emotions came up for me in the ritual - joy, laughter, rage, pride, empathy and a whole lot of sadness and pity. Thanks for finding the right words! I loved the way you were holding the space and guiding us through the process. Today I feel a little down and emotionally exhausted. I recognize this low as the place where something new rises. A sort of grounding and restart. I've seen my shit (again!) and I am reminded to be patient and move slow. Not to demand from myself to feel juicy and dive into pleasure and adventure right now - especially under the such extreme circumstances (freezing cold winter and endless corona lockdown). I see and accept numbness and nothingness for now... But also lean towards the little traces of fun, joy and being touched by the sunlight."

- V, Germany

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