FAQ on Coaching

How many sessions do I need?

This is totally up to you as it differs for everyone. We guarentee that even after one session you will feel the influence and impact. It depends on what you are working on, how you process and integrate things and how much support you desire through your process. Native Nude Coaching is not designed around codependency. It is designed to empower you to step into your own power so that long term on-going sessions are not required. This is the power of embodiment and integration - we learn how to hold ourselves in triggers, how to move through certain things and how to trust our own process even more.


What can I expect with a session?

Native Nude Coaching sessions are desire-focused. What makes these sessions so effective, is that you do not spend session after session speaking about all your problems but rather working with the body to identify the impact of them. This is because liberation does not require us to go back to all the stories, to join the dots or to try "figure it out". It requires completing the stress cycle it created within in the body and then reframing a new narrative in ways that support you desires.

The sessions will start with sharing what it is that you desire to work on with Shani. This will be conversation based and you can share whatever feels supportive and Shani may ask questions to fully understand and to identity blockages. You'll then be guided into embodiment to further explore what is alive in the body. The body is where all the emotions, experiences and blockages are stored. The body is designed to thrive so it holds so much wisdom. This simply means working with the body through different practices. Shani will support you through processes to integrate what is coming up so that the body can complete the stress cycle. The goal of the session is to support you in identifying your blocks and then integrating them so that they no longer hold you back from what you desire. The session will close with any questions, guidance and practices to support further integration in your own time. 


What is the difference between once-off sessions and packages? 

The difference between once-sessions and packages are the number of sessions. Once-off sessions support in you in a specific topic or theme and they also serve as "top up" sessions after packages. This is a single 75 minute session and you can book them in as needed or desired.

The packages allow for a deeper dive. Each session will build on the next. The packages offer big savings on single sessions for anyone looking to work closely with Shani in a coaching container.


Are all sessions with Shani?

Yes, all sessions will be lead by Shani.


Who can do the session?

Shani only works closely with women and non-binary beings with a womb. While other Native Nude offerings will definitley support your journey, it's not required for the coaching sessions.


Are sessions in person or online?

All sessions are online, via Zoom. Shani holds sessions internationally around the world.


Are payment plans available?

Yes, reach out directly to info@nativenude.com.


I feel nervous that pleasure and sexuality are a part of sessions, can you share more on this?

If you desire to work with Shani in the field of sexuality, there will be no sexual experiences or practices in the sessions. Shani works with life-force energy, blockages, emotions, thoughts, inner dialogue, mind and body. The practical pleasure aspect will be part of your homework.

Sessions are based around your safety and boundaries. Sessions are not soley based on pleasure and sexuality unless this is what you desire to work on with Shani. So it is not that it is the main focus, but it is not excluded as it is a huge part of the human experience. One that has been very suppressed and holds the key to our power. Shani holds expertise and professional certificaiton in sexuality. She works with many clients on feeling more pleasure in the body, experiencing or elevating orgasm, overcoming shame, fears and past experiences and all things that sexuality involve.