Choosing a Pleasure Wand for You or Your Partner

Each Native Nude Wand Pleasure Wand™ is designed to intentionally serve you in healing, reclaiming or erotically exploring your sexuality. The most important thing when it comes to selecting a wand is to trust your intuition and honour your body. I've created a written guide below where I highlight different purposes and recommend wands accordingly. If you're more visual, see the video where I explain the thoughtful design and benefits of each wand. Otherwise read along and I've popped the video at the end for ease. Selecting a wand is so exciting, enjoy the journey and let your body be your guide. 
Activating and awakening the G-spot will allow you to explore deeper internal orgasms. The G-spot loves firm consistent movements. Pleasure wands are the perfect weight and firmness to allow you to awaken this erogenous zone. The Luna Wand follows the natural curve of the vagina and the bulbous end makes it effortless in locating and discovering the G-spot. The Native Wand stimulates the G-spot when angled and allows for a fuller feel while loving the g-spot. Both are sensational and have their different benefits so it comes down to preference. 
The cervix is the gateway into the womb. It protects the uterus from anything going in or anything going out. For this reason, the cervix holds on to a lot of tension, emotions and energy. The cervix is also responsible for pulsating life into the womb through full body orgasm. Stimulating the cervix will move this stagnant energy out the body and breathe in life into your orgasms. The cervix can be hard to reach with just your fingers. The Native, Luna and Tide Wand are recommended for cervical stimulation. The firm smooth design of these wands allow for hours of effortless exploration. The cervix is responsible for full body expansion and can be a powerful contributor to soulful life changing orgasms. 
The A-spot is probably the least explored erogenous zone. It is located between the G-spot and the cervix, almost next to the cervix at the very back of the vagina. The A-spot will support you in full body orgasms and rapid natural lubrication. It can be hard to reach and surrender to stimulation without a pleasure wand or penis as it requires deep penetration. The Native, Luna and Tide Wand are all the correct length and firmness to engage the A-spot and guide you into a deep state of orgasmic bliss. These wands help you reach every fulfilling erogenous zone in your body that you are so worthy of exploring.
Squirting takes the body into euphoric surrender through ejaculation. This occurs with really firm pulsing pressure to the G-spot. When experiencing deeper pleasure, such as squirting, it really involves full mind and body relaxation. The Tide Wand is the most curved in the collection and the extra weight allows for really firm consistent sensations with ease. The heightened curve simultaneously stimulates the clitorus. Activating both erogenous zones sends blood flow to the G-spot and this allows you to deeply relax while effortlessly enjoying your inner eroticsm. 
Anal is an incredible erogenous zone regardless of gender. Every person is unique and it’s up to you to explore what works for you. The Petite Wand and Crescent Wand are both perfect for exploring anal pleasure. Whether you are a beginner, love anal orgasm, using the wand on a partner or yourself, both these wands are designed for sensational stimulation of the anus. They are slender and smooth which allows you to relax and effortlessly glide the wand in and out without any friction. This is important as surrender and relaxation are imperative for orgasmic anal. 
Native Nude Pleasure Wand Guide


Native Nude Pleasure Wands are designed to use on each other or for shared self-pleasure. They create new avenues of euphoria in shared intimacy. The bulbous end of the Luna Wand allows one to easily hold, guide and control the wand while pleasuring a partner into orgasmic bliss. Explore different angles, rhythms and erogenous zones while unlocking and unleashing the power and pleasure of the body. The Petite or Crescent Wand can be used to explore anal pleasure regardless of gender. Allow a partner to guide you to anal orgasm while you surrender and relax. Crystals naturally retain heat and Native Nude Pleasure Wands™ are naturally polished so the warm smooth finish allows for easy gliding and orgasmic bliss. 
Yoni de-armouring is a powerful massage that releases any tension, discomfort or trauma in the womb space. This is beautifully healing for opening up yourself to orgasmic pleasure and surrendering to your sexual essence. The Petite Wand is designed to nurture the yoni through gentle massage and slow mindful self-pleasure. The curve design of the Crescent Wand is intentionally created to restore and reclaim your feminine relationship to your pleasure. If you hold deep trauma, shame or guilt around sex it is a sweeter surrender to first massage and pleasure with a more feminine non-phallic shaped wand. If you experience any pain or health concerns, please consult a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis before self-healing.
If you are new to exploring your body and it’s pleasure the Petite or Crescent Wand will best serve you in getting started. Allow your body to open up slowly and use either of these to explore your erogenous zones. Both wands are tapered so they allow you to start with a slender end and then enjoy a thicker feel when your body is ready for it. Using a thinner wand is gentle on the body allowing it to deeply relax and softly open. You can use either of these for yoni massage and self-pleasure to discover and awaken your sensuality. When you feel ready, you can explore fuller more erotic wands. It is so important to honour your body on this sensual journey. 
If you love the fuller feel of penetration, the Native and Tide Wand are the thickest wands in the collection. The Native Wand is straight and the most symbolic of the phallic shape. This wand can be used to explore G-spot and cervical orgasms. The Tide Wand is curved allowing the clitoris to be stimulated while engaging internal erogenous zones. The Tide Wand is also designed to explore squirting. 
Full body massage is the perfect way to ease into any intimacy experience. Not only does it allow the entire body to warm up and become aroused but it also makes way for conscious connection. This is recommended when exploring intentional self-pleasure as a modality of self-discovery, manifestation and healing. This is also a beautiful way to revive or incorporate intimacy amongst lovers which paves the way for ecstatic sex. The Native Wand is the best wand for full body massage as it is the heaviest in the collection allowing you to firmly awaken every inch of you or your partner without getting tired. 
Exploring the anus can be orgasmic for many men as this allows for full prostate pleasure. The Petite Wand and Crescent Wand are the most slender of all the wands. The smooth sensation of the wands allows for effortless glide without any friction. Make sure to use lots of body safe lube or organic coconut oil, and you may just discover a new appreciation for prostate massage or pleasure. Both these wands are perfect for exploring anal pleasure and can be used with a partner or on yourself.
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