Choose a pleasure wand for you or your partner

Each Native Nude Pleasure Wand™ is intentionally designed to support you in reclaiming and evolving your sexuality, solo or with a partner. When it comes to selecting a pleasure wand, trust your intuition and go with what feels good. You literally can't get this wrong. You're bound to experience new avenues of bliss.
We've created a guide highlighting all the purposes and the best-suited wands for each desire.  Selecting a wand is so exciting - this is where the fun begins! 
 If you're more visual or prefer to have the design and purpose of each wand explained, watch this video. Otherwise, read along and you'll find the video at the end for ease.


Activating and awakening the G-spot will allow you to explore deeper internal orgasms. The ones that get the whole body trembling. The G-spot loves firm consistent movements. Our pleasure wands are the perfect weight and firmness to allow you to awaken this erogenous zone. The Luna follows the natural curve of the vagina and the bulbous end makes it effortless in locating and discovering the G-spot. If you're just beginning a relationship with your G-spot, go with the Luna. The Tide is one of the most curved in the collection and the extra weight allows for really firm consistent sensations with ease. The Tide takes G-spot loving into ejaculation. The Nectar has bumps and grooves that create sensational stimulation, almost like vaginal reflexology. The Nectar is wild and erotic, it can make the entire body shake. The Duo has the most distinct curve and two different ends to spice up your exploration. All are sensational and have their different benefits so it comes down to preference.  


The cervix is the gateway into the womb. It protects the uterus from anything that shouldn't be received or released. It plays a powerful role in conception, menstruation, birthing and full body orgasm. For this reason, the cervix holds on to a lot of emotions, energy and tension. Although powerful, the cervix is sensitive and loves gentle slow sensations. Nourishing the cervix through massage and pleasure clears stagnant energy and breathes life into your orgasms. The cervix can be challenging to reach with just your fingers. The Native, Luna and Tide are recommended for cervical pleasure. The firm smooth design of our wands allows for hours of effortless exploration. The length of the Nova makes it best for yoni massage while gently opening new paths of pleasure. The cervix leads to full body expansion and is a powerful contributor to life-changing orgasms. 


The A-spot is probably the least explored erogenous zone. It is located between the G-spot and the cervix, almost next to the cervix at the very back of the vagina. The A-spot will support you in full body orgasms and rapid natural lubrication. It can be hard to reach and relax into sensation without a pleasure wand or penis as it requires deep penetration. The Native, Luna and Tide are all the desired length and firmness to engage the A-spot and guide you into a state of orgasmic bliss. These wands support you in reaching every erogenous zone in your body that is so worthy of exploring.


Squirting takes the body into euphoric surrender through ejaculation. This occurs with really firm pulsing pressure to the G-spot. When experiencing deeper pleasure, such as ejaculation, it really involves full mind and body relaxation. The Tide is one of the most curved in the collection and the extra weight allows for really firm consistent sensations with ease. The heightened curve simultaneously stimulates the clitoris. Engaging both erogenous zones sends blood flow to the G-spot and this allows you to deeply relax while effortlessly enjoying your inner eroticism. The Nectar is designed with bumps and grooves to guide you into glorious orgasm. These textures create a deeper firmer sensation allowing the body to release through ejaculation. If you're more sensual and energetic, go with the Tide. If you're more playful and erotic, go with the Nectar. Or mix and match. 


Anal is a powerful portal of pleasure regardless of gender. The Crescent is best for easing into anal exploration. Both ends are tapered allowing you to explore with different depth and girth while slowly gliding into anal pleasure. The Duo has two different ends for deeper anal play. The bulbous and beaded ends of the wand are designed for anal orgasm. Whether you are a beginner, love anal orgasm, using the wand solo or with a partner, these wands are designed for sensational arousal of the anus. They are slender and smooth which allows you to relax and effortlessly glide the wand in and out without any friction. Lots of lube, breath and time. Relaxation is the key to anal orgasm. 


Native Nude Pleasure Wands are designed to use solo or with a partner. They create new avenues of euphoria in shared intimacy. The bulbous end of the Luna allows one to easily hold, guide and control the wand while pleasuring a partner into orgasmic bliss. Explore different angles, rhythms and erogenous zones while awakening new levels of power and pleasure within your partner's body. The Duo or Crescent are great for exploring anal pleasure regardless of gender. Allow a partner to guide you to anal orgasm while you surrender into bliss. The Nova is recommended for partnered yoni massage as the extra length supports different positions, exploration and ease.


Yoni de-armouring is a powerful massage that releases any tension, emotion and discomfort from the womb space. This is phenomenal for opening up to orgasmic pleasure and surrendering to your sexual essence. The Nova is the recommended wand for yoni massage as the extra length allows you to relax as you nurture your yoni through gentle massage and slow mindful self-pleasure. It also makes it easier for a partner to hold and control in partnered yoni massage. The curve design of the Crescent is intentionally created to restore and reclaim your relationship to your pleasure. If you hold deep trauma, shame or guilt around sex it is a sweeter surrender to first massage and pleasure with a softer feminine shaped wand.


If you experience pain or numbness during penetration the Petite or Crescent will best support you in creating safety within the body for more pleasure. Safety is one of the most important aspects as it allows your nervous system to integrate the pain, be it emotional or physical. Both wands are tapered allowing you to start with a slender end and then enjoy a fuller feel when your body is ready. Using a thinner wand encourages the body to deeply relax and slowly open up. You can use either of these wands for yoni massage and self-pleasure to discover and awaken your sensuality. When you feel ready, you can explore fuller more erotic wands. It is so important to honour your body where it is at and not where you want it to be. Slow and safe, always.


If you love the fuller feel of penetration, the Native and Tide are the thickest wands in the collection. The Native is straight and the most symbolic of the phallic shape. Enjoy G-spot and cervical orgasms with this wand. The Tide is curved allowing the clitoris to be stimulated while engaging deeper pleasure points. It's also designed to guide the body deeper into ejaculation.


Full body massage is the perfect way to ease into any intimate experience. Not only does it allow the entire body to warm up and become aroused but it also makes way for conscious connection. A beautiful way to bring the entire body onboard for intentional pleasure, welcoming full body bliss. This is also a powerful way to revive or encourage intimacy amongst lovers which paves the way for ecstatic sex. The Native is the best wand for full body massage as it is the heaviest and thickest in the collection allowing you to firmly awaken every inch of your or your partner's body without getting tired. Love for hours on end.


Exploring the anus can be orgasmic for many men as this allows for full prostate pleasure. The Crescent is the most slender of all the wands. The smooth sensation of the wand allows for effortless glide without any friction. The Duo turns it up a notch with a bulbous and beaded end for glorious anal orgasm. Make sure to use lots of lube or organic coconut oil, and you may just discover a new appreciation for your prostate. Both these wands are designed for exploring anal pleasure and can be used solo or with a partner.
Prefer visual information? This video highlights the design and purpose of each Native Nude Pleasure Wand™


Now that you've chosen your wand, pick your favourite crystal within the collection. This video highlights the crystal properties. If you desire more support you can read this guide.


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