Yoni-Dearmouring Course

Yoni-Dearmouring Course

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This course will teach you all about yoni-dearmouring - a powerful practice to soften and connect with the womb, inspiring healing and deeper intuition.


Ever wondered where your G-spot is?

Desire deeper connection with your cervix?

Curious how to have mind-blowing full body orgasms?

Thought about how to release past experiences or energy out the womb?

Ways to nourish your womb?


Then this is for you! 


What you'll receive in the Yoni De-armouring Course

Yoni-dearmouring workshop

Guided yoni-dearmouring practice

Q&A session


You'll be emailed confirmation of the course. Another email will follow granting you access to the Yoni De-armouring Course.

Note - a wand isn't required for yoni de-armouring but it is recommended. You can go on this journey without it and incorporate a wand into your journey if and when you feel ready.